Florida Man Accused of Kidnapping Ride-Share Driver For Free Ride

A Florida man has been charged after he allegedly kidnapped a ride-share driver at gunpoint to get a free ride.

Alexis Hurtado was taken into custody after the incident in the Wynwood district of Miami, Florida, on Sunday morning, WPLG Local 10 reported.

The driver, Wilfredo Rodriguez, told WSVN that he had received a ride request from a passenger named David on a ride share app, but police said Hurtado hopped into his vehicle instead to steal the ride.

Rodriguez told the station that he had picked up Hurtado near North Miami Avenue and Northwest 24th Street, but only realized he was not the person who ordered the ride when he got a message from the actual passenger.

"Once I started the ride, I get a message from the real passenger, and it says 'Hey, where are you?'" Rodriguez told WSVN through a Spanish translator. "I thought my soul left my body at that moment," he added.

Rodriguez said he asked him to get out of his vehicle, but was then threatened with a gun. "I look at the guy in the back—the one I picked up, and he realized I knew everything. He then takes out a gun and told me, 'Drive or I'll shoot you.'"

After driving for a few blocks, Rodriguez pulled up to a red light and ran out of his vehicle to get help. He told WSVN that he feared for his life when he noticed Hurtado was chasing him down with a gun as he yelled for help.

"When I turn around to see if the cops are behind me, I see it's the guy with the gun," Rodriguez told the station. "I think, 'Why is this guy still following me? He's going to kill me.'"

Hurtado was apprehended by officers who responded to Rodriguez's calls and taken into custody, WPLG reported. The Miami Police Department has been contacted for comment.

Hurtado, who has been charged with kidnapping, was given a $10,000 bond and ordered to stay away from the victim during a hearing on Monday, according to WSVN. He has since bonded out, according to the station.

During that hearing, a judge told Hurtado: "I suggest if you need a ride, call your parents. Stay out of the Ubers."

Meanwhile, Rodriguez said he is trying to move on after his ordeal, but hasn't been able to return to work.

It was not immediately clear which ride share service Rodriguez was working for at the time of the incident, but an Uber spokesperson told Newsweek that the company doesn't have a driver listed under his name.

Lyft, a rival ride share app which also operates in Miami, has been contacted for comment.

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Stock photo. A Florida man has been charged after he allegedly kidnapped a ride-share driver at gunpoint to get a free ride. Getty Images