Florida Man Arrested after Leaving Kids Alone While He Went to Strip Club

Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, arrested a man this week and charged him with neglect for allegedly leaving two children — one of them with what the police report describes as "brain damage" — alone while he spent four hours drinking at a strip club nearly 10 miles away.

According to the criminal complaint posted on TheSmokingGun.com, police arrested 38-year-old Kalvin Guice on July 12. Police say Guice had been expected to care for two children while their mother was away in Georgia attending her mother's funeral. It was not clear from the report what relationship Guice had with the out-of-town mom, or to the children she left in his care.

Guice allegedly decided to leave the two kids alone without supervision while he drove 8.6 miles to take in the sights and sounds at St. Petersburg's 4 Play Gentleman's Lounge, a strip club in a strip mall in the city's Gandy Beach area.

He spent around four hours at 4 Play, during which time Guice admitted to police he consumed about four or five Jack and Cokes before driving back to the home where the two children had been left alone.

The report does not detail the ages of the children, but does explain that the male child is non-verbal, "severely autistic," physically disabled, suffers from "brain damage," unable to care for himself and in need of constant supervision. A female child was also in the home; police noted that she was "unable to care for the victim, nor herself."

What was also not explained in the police report is how authorities learned of the unsupervised children. It does note that the male child was found by investigators in his room wearing a "urine-soaked" diaper. The condition of the female minor was not detailed.

Guice, who said he worked at a Veterans Administration hospital, admitted to police after he was read his Miranda rights that he knew the children required continuous supervision and that he had failed to live up to his obligation in that regard.

He was charged with two counts of felony child neglect and released from custody after posting $5,000 bond.

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