Florida Man Arrested for Stealing Drills, Batteries to Pay for His Ankle Monitor Fee

A Florida man will face additional charges after being arrested for stealing tools, cigarettes, batteries and other sundry objects to pay for ankle monitor fees accrued during a previous arrest.

John Wayne Parker Jr., 32, was arrested in December on an aggravated assault charge in Palatka, Florida. He was sentenced to wear an ankle monitor so that authorities could keep track of his movements. Then Parker, unable to keep up with the monitor's monthly fees, turned to petty crime.

The pattern of thefts began on January 20. Parker allegedly first burglarized a local store for $3,000 worth of cigarettes to sell by smashing the front window of a local Hitchcock's Market. Then drills, batteries and other sundry items disappeared from the back of a work truck at a local business.

Police were subsequently tipped off that someone was trying to sell the drills to pay off back fees on their ankle monitor—and his name was John. The man also allegedly told these individuals he was considering cutting off his ankle monitor.

A Florida man on house arrest has been charged with trying to sell stolen goods in an attempt at paying off the overdue fees attached to his ankle monitor. Putnam County Sheriff's Office

The police then used the data from Parker's ankle monitor to track him to the scene of the crime. Cigarette butts matching the brand stolen from Hitchcock's Market were found at a local campground, but they did not find anyone at the scene at the time.

When Parker showed up to pay off his overdue ankle monitor fees, he was arrested for the assorted burglaries he is accused of committing. According to the Putnam County Sheriff's office, he has been charged with three counts of burglary, two counts of petty theft, and one count of grand theft, in addition to the previous assault charge.

He's being held without bond at a local jail.

The stolen drills were later recovered from the person they were sold to by Parker. This person later confirmed that Parker had told him he was selling the objects to pay off his late fees.

According to the organization Equal Justice Under the Law, ankle monitors cost between $175 and $200 to set up. Daily fees can run anywhere between $5 to $20.

Findlaw.com reports that ankle monitors cost prisons only $6,000 a year to put a person on house arrest or place them on ankle monitoring. This compares to up to $20,000 a year per inmate if a person is incarcerated. Costs may be reduced if a person is free on bond or bail versus conviction.

Ankle monitors may also be used for multiple other offense-measuring reasons. Some monitors, such as the SCRAM bracelet, may measure the levels of alcohol in a suspect's blood via the sweat they exude.

Florida Man Arrested for Stealing Drills, Batteries to Pay for His Ankle Monitor Fee | News