Florida Man Waves Down Cops to Show Off His Marijuana Plant, Offers Them a Smoke, Gets Arrested

A Florida man was arrested yesterday after waving down police officers, showing them a marijuana plant he had grown and offering them a smoke.

In an early-morning encounter captured on a deputy's bodycam, Arthur Edward Carracino Jr., 65, was detained at around 2:45 a.m. by officers from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office at a residence on Cherry Lane in Bunnell. Online records listed a felony marijuana charge.

Local media outlet WESH-TV, which obtained and published the footage, reported the officers had been called over by Carracino as they were responding to a separate incident nearby. Carracino, who was wearing swimming trunks at the time, offered to show them a plant he had grown at his home.

When asked he if had a marijuana card, the man replied: "Yeah, I do, I am working on it." In the state of Florida, medical cannabis is legal, provided patients have the correct credentials.

"I have the card in my house. Come on, guys. Let's talk," the suspect continued, admitting to cultivating the plant. Listing strains of cannabis, Carracino indicated that he'd gone to California to learn how to grow it. "You've got to smoke a bowl with me, please," he then pleaded. As seen in the video footage, he walked away from the officers, saying he was getting his pipe.

The police bodycam then cuts to a deputy asking Carracino—at this point under arrest and in the back of the patrol car—if he was aware of what was happening. Laughing, the man responded, "It's morning, not afternoon. OK, I need a cup of Starbucks. Anywhere local we can get one?"

Carracino was transported to Flagler County Sheriff's Office Jail, with his bond listed at $1,500. His mugshot was posted online alongside an arrest description on the local police website.

In March, Florida governor Ron DeSantis took long-awaited steps to loosen the laws around medical marijuana in the state—meaning it would be legal for physicians to determine if patients should be administered the drug via treatment centers. Despite a majority of the state's citizens voting for it to be legalized back in 2016, then-governor Rick Scott banned its use.

The Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) has explained on its website that although medical marijuana is now available, it remains "federally illegal."

"Qualified patients can use medical marijuana at home or on private property. Public use is illegal, except for low-THC cannabis. Although medical marijuana is available… it remains federally illegal. Because of this, you can't take it in or out of the state," reads an OMMU fact sheet.