Man Bites Victim's Face, Cuts Him With Machete in Florida Attack—Police

A Florida man has been accused by the Miami-Dade Police department of attacking someone with a machete and biting their face during an armed robbery.

Demetrick Sanders, 45, was arrested by police and faces charges of attempted felony murder and armed robbery.

Sanders was standing outside the Northside Supermarket convenience store on 32nd Avenue at 8:30 a.m. on January 22 when he allegedly assaulted a man.

Sanders asked the man for money. When the victim said no, he was attacked with a machete

Sanders also allegedly bit the victim and attempted to attack him with a broomstick. He allegedly fled the scene with the victim's phone and $350 in cash.

The victim was treated for his injuries at a local hospital. The victim called the police after spotting Sanders outside the same convenience store a week later on January 29. Police arrested Sanders on arrival at the location and he is being held without bond.

The Miami-Dade Police Department declined to comment when contacted by Newsweek.

This arrest came ahead of Miami-Dade's mayor, Daniella Levine Cava, delivering her 2022 state of the County Address. In her speech she spoke about the efforts to tackle violent crime.

Speaking on January 31, she said that the Miami-Dade Police department was continuing to work on preventing violent crime, which had seen a decline in 2021.

"Miami-Dade has seen the number of shootings cut in half and a 15 percent reduction in homicides in just the past year," she said during her speech.

"This reversal comes at a time when cities and counties across our nation continue to see heightened levels of violent crime."

She also said: "In 2021, we acted swiftly to stem the tide of violence and keep our residents safe.

"[We did this] by tackling root causes and building safer more stable neighborhoods. In June we took a historic step forward to invest in long-term violence prevention and public safety."

Last week, Newsweek reported on a similar story in New York where a man was taken into custody by police after carrying a machete-style weapon in public.

The arrested man was accused of carrying a long knife and "chasing Jews" in a neighborhood in Brooklyn on Monday at 11:55 p.m.

A video was shared on social media by Twitter page Belaaz News showing the moment officers carried off the man.

"Watch: Video shows the machete-wielding suspect being dragged and arrested by NYPD officers moments ago after chasing several Jews on New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn," the video caption said."

A New York Police Department told Newsweek that they had not received reports of the man harassing or menacing anyone. They added that no injuries had been reported.

Demetrick Sanders
Photo of Demetrick Sanders provided by Miami Dade County. Demetrick was arrested on Sunday and accused of an attack against a man with a machete. Miami Dade County Corrections Rehabilitation