Florida Man 'Tight on Money' Cut Power to Local Dunkin' Donuts Store Before Attempting to Rob It

A 19-year-old old man has been arrested on suspicion of cutting the power off to a Dunkin' Donuts store in Florida and then attempting to rob the place.

Robert Torres, 19, of Oldsmar, Florida, allegedly used an outside breaker to turn off the power to the donut store on Tampa Road at around 12 a.m on July 20.

After the power went out, the employees left the store and were then confronted by Torres, who was wearing a hoodie and covering up the bottom part of his face with a shirt.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office arrest report, it is unclear if Torres was armed at the time, but he did reply "yes" when the employees asked if they were being robbed, reports WFTS.

The workers then handed the suspect the keys to the building and ran over to a nearby vehicle.

Following his arrest, Torres told deputies that he intended to rob two safes which were inside the Dunkin' Donut store, but he was unable to get them open. He also told police that he wanted to rob the store because he was "tight on money," according to arrest records.

Torres has been charged with grand theft, burglary and robbery by snatching. Online records show he is currently being held on a $5,000 bond awaiting trial.

Earlier this month, a Dunkin' Donuts manager at a store in Largo, Florida, was arrested on suspicion of hiring a fake employee for nearly two months and then pocketing money for the fictitious work that they did.

Markia Nelson, 29, is accused of hiring the fake employee to "work" from May 15 to July 6, reported WFLA. Nelson is accused of punching in and out a total of 235 hours' worth of work for the fake employee, earning more than $1,610 in the process.

"The employee never actually showed up to do any work, and when they researched the employee's clock-in and clock-out times they saw that it was her inputting it each time," Pinellas Park Police Sergeant Lonnie Lancto told Fox 13 at the time.

The suspect told police that the money she pocketed from the fake worker was for "life expenses." Police are also investigating if she committed identity theft after using the details of a real person for the worker she pretended to hire.

"She had the information of who she said was a friend of hers, so the information for the person was an actual person," said Lancto.

Nelson was charged with grand theft as part of the investigation.

robert torres
Robert Torres has been charged with charged with grand theft, burglary and robbery by snatching after allegedly robbing a Dunkin' Donuts store. Pinellas County Sheriff's Office