Florida Man in Easter Bunny Costume Arrested After Hit-and-Run, Previously Seen in Viral Video Brawling in Same Outfit

A Florida man dressed in an Easter Bunny costume has been arrested after allegedly fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run motorcycle crash.

Florida Highway Patrol said they arrested Antoine Tyrkee McDonald on January 16, as he was trying to evade authorities in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash in Seminole County, according to a report from WFTV.

The arrest was not the first time McDonald has been spotted wearing an Easter Bunny costume under unusual circumstances. In April 2019 he was the star of a viral video after being caught on camera brawling on an Orlando sidewalk while wearing the outfit.

The latest incident began when McDonald allegedly crashed a motorcycle into a carport, damaging a vehicle underneath before fleeing the scene of the crime. McDonald is believed to have ignored a stop sign before hitting a chain link fence and flipping the motorcycle into the carport. A witness is said to have seen him hobbling away from the accident site.

easter bunny
The Florida man was previously shown wearing an Easter Bunny costume, similar to the one in this stock photo, in a viral video depicting him brawling with another man. Getty

Police investigating the incident traveled to the registered address of the motorcycle owner, where they observed a gray SUV backing out of a driveway. They stopped the vehicle and discovered McDonald laying in the back seat, apparently attempting to avoid suspicion by dressing in the bunny costume.

McDonald was injured and required assistance to be taken from the car. The costume was removed, and he was placed under arrest before being taken to a local hospital due to his injuries.

Authorities say McDonald was helped by the driver and another passenger of the SUV, but their status is currently unclear. McDonald was later taken to Seminole County Jail.

EASTER BUNNY BEATDOWN: A person dressed as the Easter bunny was caught on camera hopping into a fight on Easter Sunday in Downtown Orlando. 👀

STORY: https://t.co/b1WYqsi79u pic.twitter.com/P9nsLoOAXK

— FOX 29 (@FOX29philly) April 22, 2019

Video of a man fighting while wearing an Easter Bunny costume, believed to be McDonald, was captured in downtown Orlando on Easter Sunday 2019. The footage, taken on the cell phone of a bystander, shows the man becoming involved in a fight between a man and a woman on a sidewalk.

The man in the bunny costume appears to intervene on behalf of the woman and can be seen punching the man repeatedly before a police officer comes and breaks up the fight. The video ends with the man briefly engaging in what looks to be a celebratory dance.

McDonald was not arrested for the Orlando street fight but reports of an unrelated criminal history came to light soon after. He was arrested in January 2019 after allegedly being caught with fake identification using the alias "Hudhayfuh Roberts."

He was also reportedly considered a person of interest in a carjacking, as well as a pair of armed robberies. It's unknown whether the Easter Bunny costume was used in any of the other alleged incidents.