Florida Man Films Alligator's Early Morning Stroll in Publix Parking Lot

For many Floridians, the sight of a wandering alligator doesn't even warrant a second glance. But for folks around the rest of the country, the idea of spotting one of these reptilian beasts on a morning stroll is enough to send shivers down one's spine.

According to Fox 13, Luke Vidal was in a Publix parking lot in North Fort Myers, Florida around 6:45 a.m. on Friday when he spotted a lone, wandering gator. He recorded a video of the scene and later posted it to Facebook, where it garnered thousands of reactions and comments.

In the video, the alligator walks slowly and steadily through the abandoned parking lot. The creature is clearly quite large: as it crawls, its massive tail can be seen dragging along the pavement. It appears to mind its own business, unaware that Vidal is filming, and continues on its walk towards a Burger King location in the background.

The comments section is full of gags made by viewers about the gator's apparent early morning errands.

"Could be heading for [an] Impossible Whopper," wrote one viewer.

Another added that they "sent him out to get some beer...lol."

"That's a great commercial for Burger King," said a third commenter.

Meanwhile, some expressed concern regarding the wild animal's presence in a typically human-occupied area, noting that alligators can be dangerous creatures.

"You should have called 911. It's not safe," said one commenter.

Others merely commented on the gator's intimidating size and presence. "Wow," wrote a commenter, "wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley."

Fox 13 reports that alligator sightings are on the rise in Florida right now, a result of the species' mating season. Courtship between gators begins in early April, meaning that the reptiles are currently out and about in search of mates. In May and June, the mating season will actually begin, and by late June or early July, female gators will have laid their eggs. The season's baby alligators should be born in late August or early September.

Alligators can be incredibly dangerous and should be handled with extreme caution. It's also illegal in some states to harass or otherwise hurt alligators, so, should one appear, getting involved is never recommended. Just last month, a man was charged with "molesting" a gator after a photo of him appearing to drag an alligator by its tail was released online.

Submerged Alligator Head
There are laws in several states that prohibit the harassment and harm of alligators. RHONA WISE/Getty Images