Florida Man Stabs Girlfriend to Death Live on FaceTime, Tries to Explain Murder to Her Father While She Dies: 'He Has the Knife'

A Florida man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death called her father over FaceTime as she lay dying on the floor, according to reports.

DeAngelo Clark, 30, was wanted earlier this month in connection of the homicide of 20-year-old Kiara Alleyne.

Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff's Office were called to an address in 2241 NE 78th Lane in Anthony on September 11 by a member of the victim's family who were concerned about her wellbeing. When officers arrived at the scene, they found her body.

According to court documents, while Clark was stabbing his victim he and Alleyne's father had a "strange conversation" over FaceTime, reports WESH.

During the call, Clark claimed Alleyne had a knife. She is alleged to have called back "I don't. He has the knife," before the call ended.

The father is said to have seen his daughter lying in a pool of blood on the ground. Clark is also alleged to have asked for advice about what he should do next after killing the 20-year-old.

The father then called the police after speaking to Clark, but the suspect had fled by the time they had arrived.

Clark had also ran off with Alleyne's 1-year-old baby, triggering an amber alert in the county. The alert was later canceled after Clark handed the child over to one of Alleyne's family members.

Deputies said that Clark had also attempted to set fire to the Anthony home before fleeing. Police recovered a blanket or cloth hanging out the bottom of the oven and there was a strong smell of lighter fluid in the building, reports WFTV.

After dropping the 1-year-old off with the family member, Clark then broke into another Florida home and stole some items before also attempting to set fire to it.

Clark later suffered severe burns when he set himself on fire whilst sitting in his car. He was taken to a hospital in Miami hospital where is being treated for his wounds.

"Right now, we are evaluating his condition medically, or detectives are on scene with him in Monroe County and as soon as he is able to transported back to Marion, we will bring him here to face charges," said Cecelia Koon, of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Clark could also face additional charges in connection to the house fire.

According to the Miami Herald, Clark had posted a message on Facebook after allegedly killing Alleyne, indicating he was going to take his own life and apologizing to his victim's family.

"Now I must end my life just know she tried to kill me she walked into I'm srry [sic] to her family," he wrote.

The day before he allegedly killed Alleyne, Clark posted that the pair were celebrating their second anniversary together.

deangelo clark
DeAngelo Clark is facing mudrer charges in connection stabbing death of his girlfriend in Florida. Marion County Sheriff's Office