Florida Man Pleasured Himself in Motel Room Window While Watching Other Guests Pass By, Charges Claim

A Florida man has been charged for allegedly masturbating in the window of his motel room in front of other guests. Police were called to a motel room in the seaside village of Dennis Port, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on the weekend after guests complained of a man's lewd behavior, local newspaper the Cape Cod Times reported citing police.

A number of guests told staff at the motel on Route 28, which runs south from the town of Eastham to the city of Methuen via Boston, that they had seen a naked man standing up against the window of his room.

The exposed man was looking at people passing by his room in the popular tourist destination as he pleasured himself, the guests claimed. It is not clear how many individuals complained about seeing the man, or what they witnessed.

When Dennis Police Department officers arrived at the motel, the man identified as 30-year-old Travis Weyneth would not open the door to his motel room.

As a result, Dennis Police Department officers broke into the Florida man's room. After police entered, Weyneth did not follow their orders as they attempted to handcuff him, according to official documents seen by the Cape Cod Times.

Officers then used a stun gun on the suspect. A stun gun is a weapon used to make a person incapable of moving. The device works by shooting a large voltage of electricity into the targeted person's body. The disabling effects are temporary.

Police arrested Weyneth in the early hours of Sunday morning. The suspect was charged with open and gross lewdness and resisting arrest.

Appearing in Orleans District Court on Tuesday, around 15 miles away from Dennis Port, Weyneth pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to the Cape Cod Times, Weyneth said he didn't stand nude in the window and pleasure himself, as fellow motel guests claimed he had. Weyneth countered that he was lying on his bed the night he was arrested. He claimed he may have accidentally left the blinds of his room open.

A pretrial hearing for Weyneth has been scheduled for July 31. It is unclear from the report whether Weyneth was on holiday during the incident, and if he was alone.

In Massachusetts, the law states an individual convicted of open and gross lewdness can face a three year prison sentence, two years in jail, or a fine of $300.

To be found guilty, it must be proven the individual exposed their genitals or other private parts to more than one person in a public place, either recklessly or with the intention of others seeing. The act must have been shocking, and done in a way that alarmed at least one person.