Florida Man Shot at Van Multiple Times Because It Wouldn't Let Him Change Lanes

A man driving on Florida's Turnpike shot at a van on Tuesday after it wouldn't let him change lanes, according to officials.

Luis Christopher Peynado Fatiol, 27, was driving north in Osceola County near mile marker 249 in Kissimmee at around 5:20 p.m. when he tried to change lanes, he told officers according to a Florida Highway Patrol arrest affidavit seen by Newsweek. His girlfriend was in the passenger seat at the time as they drove north of the Canoe Creek Service Plaza.

The suspect said a white van came up behind his Honda Accord, which stopped him from changing lanes. After Fatiol moved over, he said he believed the driver hit the back of his car. Fatiol then pulled over and left his car with the door open, and confronted the van driver.

The Honda driver said the van drove around, and almost hit him. The van hit the left side driver door, according to Fatiol. In an attempt to make the driver slow down, Fatiol said he re-entered his car and drove after the van. But Fatiol claimed the driver wouldn't stop.

Fatiol took a black 9mm handgun, which he fitted with a magazine, from his glove compartment.

As he drove down the turnpike, Fatiol shot at the van. The suspect told Florida Highway Patrol he discharged his firearm in an attempt to stop the van.

The suspect's girlfriend, whose identity wasn't revealed, told officers she asked him "repeatedly to put the gun away and that Fatiol has a bad temper when he gets mad and he doesn't think clearly," his arrest report stated.

Luis Christopher Peynado-Fatiol who has been arrested after shooting at a vehicle on the Florida Turnpike. Osceola County Corrections

Fatiol shot four rounds, according to Florida Highway Patrol. The bullets struck the van but didn't hit any individuals. Osceola County police officers arrested Fatiol two miles from the scene of the shooting. Police booked him in Osceola County Jail.

His girlfriend was not arrested and is considered a witness, Lieutenant Kim Montes, Florida Highway Patrol Public Affairs Officer told Newsweek.

The van driver said Fatiol cut him off, and threw coffee at his vehicle. He claimed the suspect shot at his van while he was on a 911 call to the sheriff's office.

Fatiol faces charges including attempted felony murder, discharging a gun from a vehicle and shooting into a vehicle, according to Osceola County Corrections.

His bond was set at $10,000. WESH 2 reported he was being held without a bond due to his attempted felony murder charge. Montes said the force asked for no bond. Fatiol appeared in court on Wednesday, according to Montes.

Montes told Newsweek the force has "seen an increase of road rage incidents involving guns." She said she did not have statistics available.

"Drivers need to realize that these incidents start with minor traffic issues and escalate quickly to a weapon being used," she warned.

"Driver should expect that the vehicle driving next to them may have a weapon (gun) and should not engage with a driver who is clearly driving with their emotions. At some point when vehicles are engaged in this behavior, someone has to be the bigger person and let it go," she said.

"We recommend that drivers do not make eye contact with an aggressor and call 911," said Montes.

This article has been updated with information from Florida Highway Patrol.