Florida Man Steals Forklift, Four-Wheeler, and Shoes in 'Impressive Crime Spree'

A Florida man was arrested after allegedly going on what police called an "impressive crime spree" on Tuesday. The man, Charles Harrington, is accused of stealing two trucks, a car, a four-wheeler and a forklift. He currently faces charges of grand theft and burglary and is being held on an $88,000 bond.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said that police responded to a crash involving a stolen Ford F-150 Tuesday morning. Orlando's News 6 reported the truck had been abandoned, and police said that the truck was "stuck in mud and water."

While police were at the scene investigating the stolen truck, witnesses approached the officers to tell them two nearby buildings had been broken into and that both a forklift and another Ford F-150 had been stolen. Police said, "the suspect(s) smashed through a gate and rode around in the truck until it got stuck."

The truck was later found crashed in the woods, and police said its catalytic converter had been cut off.

Police then received another call about a burglary and a stolen vehicle. The homeowner's son told police that in addition to stealing a car, the suspect also allegedly stole a pair of shoes, cigarettes and a lighter.

Shortly after receiving that call, a witness called police to report an "unknown person riding a four-wheeler around a (specialty fern garden) in the area." The witness, who was on the property applying pesticides, told police that the suspect asked to drink from the sprinklers before fleeing the scene. A neighbor reported seeing the suspect "lurking in the woods" after jumping a fence.

Finally, police encountered Harrington walking out from the woods.

In the bodycam footage released by police, Harrington said he was out "swimming" with his "old lady" when stopped and questioned by the deputy. He also claimed that he was looking for a ride to the store, and knocked on someone's door to ask for water. Other than that, he reportedly told police, "I didn't do nothing."

When police found the keys to one of the stolen trucks in his pocket, Harrington claimed that they were his, but that his truck was back in Ocala, where he is from. However, police confirmed that the F-150 key matched the keys of the victim whose catalytic converter had been cut. An unidentified witness also pulled up to confirm to police that Harrington was the man they saw jump the fence.

Harrington was arrested on several outstanding warrants and faces charges of burglary and grand theft. He is currently being held at the Volusia County Jail on an $88,000 bond.

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A Florida man was accused of stealing two trucks, a car, a forklift and a four-wheeler. He has been arrested and charged with grand theft and burglary. choochart choochaikupt/iStock