Florida Man Throws Coffee, Punches 76-Year-Old Who Made Him Wait: Police

A man who threw a cup of hot coffee over a 76-year-old man making him wait to pay in a store is facing assault charges after punching the older man, sending him to the ground, police say.

Security camera footage of the attack in a Shell gas station in Palm Coast, Florida, shows the grey-haired victim at the checkout, with the suspect, later identified as Sean Ruel, 39, standing in line behind him.

Ruel can be seen waiting to be served while the 76-year-old man is being seen to by the cashier.

After a few seconds, the suspect can be seen apparently losing his temper at having to wait and he throws his cup of coffee toward the victim, where it lands at the man's feet, catching his attention.

Sean Ruel punched man in face: police
A security camera outside a Palm Coast, Florida, gas station shows a man identified by police as Sean Ruel, 39, punching an older man in the face on May 22, 2022. Flagler County Sheriff's Office/Zenger

The suspect then leaves the gas station, with his victim eventually following him outside to confront him, but security camera footage shows he barely manages a word before Ruel races up to him and knocks him down with a punch to the jaw. The blow to the victim sent him flying and left him sprawled on the ground as the footage ends.

Just before the footage cuts out, other people can be seen coming to the aid of the elder, who has not been named, including a man with a white beard who appears to have witnessed the incident and who can be seen helping the victim.

A woman can also be seen exiting the gas station moments before the footage ends.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office later identified the suspect as Ruel, who was arrested the next day and accused of battery of a senior over 65.

Sheriff Rick Staly told local media: "Because this guy couldn't control his anger, he battered a senior citizen and is lucky he did not seriously injure him."

He added: "Our deputies did a great job to identify, locate and arrest Ruel for what he did to this senior in our community."

The incident took place May 22, and the Flagler County Sheriff's Office released the footage on May 27.

"We won't tolerate this kind of behavior," Staly said.

The police said that Ruel had prior arrests, including three instances of driving under the influence in California.

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.