Florida Man Throws Urine Over Prosecutor While Being Sentenced for Attempted Murder: 'He P***** Me Off!'

A Florida man threw urine over a prosecutor as he waited to be sentenced for attempted murder, according to police.

Albert Narvaez, 28, threw urine "all over" Broward Assistant State Attorney Andrew Newman at a courtroom in southeastern Florida on Wednesday, the Miami Herald reported, citing a Broward Sheriff's arrest document. Newman is the prosecutor working on Narvaez's case.

"The urine went inside his mouth and all over his clothing" at Broward Circuit Judge Susan Alspector's courtroom, according to the arrest report.

Narvaez "charged at" Newman. As he threw the bodily fluid, he shouted: "He told me to do it! He pissed me off!"

It was unclear how Narvaez stored the bodily fluid or who he was referring to when he said: "He told me to do it!"

Narvaez, who is from Pembroke Pines, was due to be sentenced when he asked to go to the bathroom, The Sun Sentinel reported.

Newman said, according to The Sun Sentinel: "He lunged toward my table. I saw a bottle of some kind in his hand. He screamed a profanity at me, and the liquid landed on the table and on my suit and clothing."

Narvaez's sentencing has been put on hold. Newman will be taken off the case, and Broward State Attorney's Office will ask for another prosecutor to be assigned.

In March, Narvaez was convicted with attempted murder with a firearm after he forced his ex-girlfriend to stay in a car by threatening her with a gun in the Florida city of Hallandale Beach, Broward County. After she escaped, he fired at her but did not injure her. The incident occurred in June 2017.

Broward Chief Assistant State Attorney Jeff Marcus said in a statement seen by the Miami Herald: "We are absolutely incensed by what occurred. I wish the public knew the number of threats prosecutors receive on a daily basis, but they have the courage to go into court every day to ensure that justice is pursued against these violent offenders."

The incident comes after a similar case highlighting the difficulties faced by courtroom staff. In June, a Florida man defecated during his criminal trial, and attempted to throw his feces at Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh, the Miami Herald reported. Walsh's bailiff shouted at her to run as she fled.

Dorleans Philidor, 33, shouted "it's protein! It's good for you!" as he "cast feces." The accused also ate some of his excrement, according to witnesses.

Philidor was accused of burglary, and was acquitted. He is currently in jail over a separate burglary case.

Witness Allen Rios told the Miami Herald: "It was intense. The corrections officers and police officers were swarming. Like 60 of them."

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