Florida Man Drives Truck Into Neighbors' Kitchen After 'Longstanding Feud': 'He Reached His Boiling Point'

A 47-year-old Florida man embroiled in a "longstanding feud" with neighbors was arrested Monday after reversing an SUV into their home, police say.

Timothy Alan Farmer, of New Port Richey, was detained by officers from the Pasco Sheriff's Office after using his vehicle to ram into the Riverbank Drive residence. A woman who was in the home was not injured during the incident.

Bodycam video obtained and published by the Tampa Bay Times showed officers confronting Farmer as he sat in the front seat of his truck, a white Ford Explorer.

"I'm tired of these people," the man can be heard saying. "Do not f**king cuff me" he later says while appearing to resist arrest.

Deputies said in an arrest report seen by the Tampa Bay Times that Farmer showed signs of being impaired, with "bloodshot eyes, trouble walking and slurred speech." The crash caused enough damage to the home's structure that it was temporarily condemned.

"When the deputies got there, he was still in the vehicle. He was inebriated," Pasco Sheriff's Office community relations director Kevin Doll told Baynews9.

"He could barely stand. He did down another drink while we were there because he said he was going to jail, so he was going to go ahead and make the best of the situation."

Authorities said the residents of the targeted home, which is across the street from Farmer's address, previously obtained a restraining order against the suspect.

It remains unclear what sparked the feud, but local residents said it had been ongoing for more than a year, WFLA reported. "He really didn't want to hurt anyone," the man's fiancee, Sheree Butler, told the news outlet this week, adding: "He reached his boiling point. We've been harassed for months, and he's been physically attacked. I had no idea he would do this."

WFLA reported the white SUV had reversed directly into the victim's kitchen.

While Butler painted Farmer as the victim, some local residents had a different story, telling WFLA the suspect would hurl "trash talk" at the family across the street. Farmer refused to take a breathalyzer test after being arrested, according to the Tampa Bay Reporter.

According to the Miami Herald, which cited a copy of an arrest affidavit, Farmer claimed that he did not believe there was anyone home at the time.

The sheriff's office noted: "It was determined that the defendant intentionally hit the residence. This act caused the vehicle to make illegal entry into the home."

Inmate records confirm the suspect was held on charges including burglary, forced entry, resisting arrest, driving with license suspended or revoked and felony criminal mischief.

The apparent owner of the Riverbank Drive home, who indicated it was currently being rented out, published a statement to Facebook this week about the situation, Fox 8 reported.

"Not the Monday I planned," the owner wrote. "This is our rental house! This was our first home, the one we brought our babies home to. The jerk across the street has had issues with our tenants, who are wonderful by the way! He was drunk and decided he was going to destroy our home. This was all done on PURPOSE! I just can't believe how cruel people can be."

Timothy Alan Farmer
Arrest mugshot: Timothy Alan Farmer, 47, of New Port Richey. Pasco Sheriff’s Office