Florida Man Who Claims He Was Sleepwalking When He Repeatedly Stabbed His Roommate to Death Is Sentenced to Life

A Florida man who claimed he was sleepwalking when he stabbed his roommate to death has been sentenced to life in prison. Randy Herman Jr., 26, stabbed Brooke Preston more than 20 times at their home in West Palm Beach on March 25, 2017, The Palm Beach Post reported.

That morning, Preston was planning to move to New York. Herman texted her to ask if she could collect a shirt for a friend before she left. The killer claimed Preston had dropped off the item at the property, before they said goodbye and he went back to sleep.

After stabbing Preston to death, Herman drove to a park. There, he called 911 and said that, while he didn't remember killing Preston, he was likely the culprit as they were alone at the property they shared with the victim's sister.

Testifying in court last week, Herman said: 2The next thing [I know], I'm standing over top of her and I have a knife in my hand, covered in blood. I was confused. Scared. Didn't know what to do. Didn't know what happened."

Herman and his team attempted to plead insanity. Assistant Public Defender Joseph Walsh told the court Herman had no motive and no history of violence, and the only "rational explanation" was he sleepwalked during the incident.

Kathi Adams, Herman's mother, testified that her son had sleepwalked as a child. However, Jordan Preston, the victim's sister, countered she was not aware of this behaviour in the six months she had lived with him.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Wade C. Myers testified it is not possible to sleep through the action of stabbing, and argued the motive was sexual. The day before he killed Preston, Herman had drunk heavily and hid naked in her closet.

Jordan told the court there was no sexual history between any of the roommates. Speaking through tears following Herman's sentencing, Jordan said the years without her sister have been awful. "Our lives are totally different," she said, adding she was "devastated as the whole town was. People who didn't even know Brooke, they were devastated."

Both the killer and victim are from Wyalusing, a borough in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Nichole Chacon, a Wyalusing resident whose daughter grew up with Preston, told ABC-affiliate WNEP.com that the victim and Herman graduated from Wyalusing High School in 2013. Preston had moved to Florida to live with her sister and go to college. Herman ended up living with the pair.