Florida Men Accused of Tying Woman to Car, Trying to Burn Her Alive Inside Vehicle

Police in Florida are searching for two men accused of tying a woman to the steering wheel of a car and trying to burn her alive inside the vehicle.

Daytona Beach Police Department are seeking Gibbon Agledor, 37, and a man identified only as Eric. The woman said Agledor was her ex-boyfriend, and Eric his friend, according to a Daytona Beach Police Department report seen by Newsweek. Agledor is accused of attempted first-degree murder.

On Thanksgiving, the men are said to have driven an unnamed 22-year-old woman to a parking lot behind a restaurant on the International Speedway Boulevard, near the junction of Hagen Terrace. They allegedly used a zip tie to secure her hands to the steering wheel, before setting paper alight and throwing it on the floor of the vehicle. The suspects then left the scene in a four-door sports car.

The woman managed to free one of her hands, enabling her to text her friends for help, according to police. At around 8:21 p.m., a friend called the police and alerted them that her friend was alone in a burning car.

Police were able to use the GPS tracker on the woman's phone to locate her. At the scene, first-responders were able to free the woman, and rescue her from the vehicle.

Officials found her tied to the steering wheel, with duct tape on her mouth, head, and ankles. She told police her clothes and the car had been doused with rubbing alcohol.

The victim also said she needed to go home, get her belongings, and leave. She denied treatment or a ride to the police station, saying she was worried there would suffer retaliation if she cooperated with officers.

Police decided to take the woman into protective custody, and took her to Halifax Medical Center. Officials said she was "not able to make safe and rational decisions about her living conditions which create a great imminent danger to her health, safety and welfare."

The victim said the day before the incident she was duct-taped and put into the trunk of a car at the Walmart on Beville Road. She would not provide further details on the individual.

She told police: "If I say anything, he goes to jail and gets released and this happens all over again."

In November, Agledor went to the woman's work and caused a scene, according to police. Agledor was removed from the building, but stood in a nearby parking lot watching her work.

The woman's co-workers told police she had bruises on her arms, stomach, and face, and burns on her arms and legs that looked like they had been caused by a cigarette.

This article has been updated with information from Daytona Beach Police Department.

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