Florida Students Told They Can't Walk at Graduation Following $20,000 Senior Prank Vandalism: 'I Didn't Think It Would Be a Big Deal'

Around 140 students in Florida have been told they will not be able to walk at their upcoming graduation after their school was targeted with mass vandalism as part of a senior prank.

Eight people were arrested following the acts of vandalism at Wekiva High School around 9 p.m. on May 14 which is reported to have resulted in $20,000 worth of damages.

According to Click Orlando, the teens allegedly spray-painted the walls throughout the school, threw glitter, smashed eggs on windows, covered trees with toilet paper and bubble wrap and set off fire extinguishers as part of the prank.

“I came to school and there was like a lot of graffiti everywhere," student Vanessa Garcia told WFTV at the time.

According to the police report, one of those arrested told officers that the school was aware of the prank but let them go ahead with it as long as there was no permanent damage.

At least 140 seniors have now been told they will not be able to walk at graduation on May 25 after allegedly being involved or helping to plan the prank.

James Sully, 19, who is one of the students who was told he's not allowed to walk, said he was not even present when the school got trashed.

"You know how much walking means to some people? You know how much it means to me and my family? I've been waiting for this for 13 years," he told Click Orlando.

“I don't think nobody should actually be denied the right to walk because, like I said, that's an opportunity that everybody has been waiting for their whole life," he added.

Jeff Joseph, 18, one of the eight people who were arrested, said: “I didn't think it would be a big deal, but they made it a big deal over nothing.”

Wilnes Accius, another student reported to not be allowed to walk, admitted to WFTV: "We did a prank—some of it went too far. [Some] got inside the school trashing it, but we shouldn't be held accountable for it."

An online petition has been set up urging the school to change its decision and allow all students to walk for their graduation.

“Majority [of] students are First-Generation Graduates and now families are also being stripped of the opportunities to congratulate their graduates,” the description reads. At the time of publication, the change.org petition has attracted more than 4,400 signatures.

In a letter to parents, the Orange County School District said: "Vandalizing property, even if it's a senior prank, will not be tolerated and individuals will be prosecuted."

Wekiva High School
Around 140 seniors at Wekiva High School have been told they can't walk at graduation after several people were arrested on suspicion of vandalism. change.org