Florida Teen Forced to Hold Sign at Busy Intersection As Punishment: 'I Lied—I Humiliated My Mother and Me'

Drivers in Cape Coral Florida were shocked to see a teenage girl holding a sign at a busy intersection on Saturday that read: "I lied. I humiliated my mother and myself."

Using a tactic not entirely dissimilar to the stocks of the middle ages, where prisoners wore signs detailing their crimes, it appeared that the girl's mother decided her transgressions needed to be put on public display to teach her a lesson.

In video of the incident, a woman, reportedly the girl's mother, can be seen holding on to her daughter with the sign.

When the video of the episode was posted online, it sparked a debate about parenting and concerns for the teenager's welfare. According to CBS affiliate KENS5, Ashley Domonique Atty first shared video of the girl on Facebook.

On our way home we witnessed parenting at its finest 😂👏🏼 “I lied. I humiliated myself & my mother”😭😂😂😂 #lieagainlilgirl #mamadontplay*Update - I’m being interviewed by NBC2 over this* 😂😂😂😂

Posted by Ashley Domonique Atty on Saturday, June 1, 2019

"She's lucky… in my house, she would have gotten the belt. Leave these parents alone—nothing wrong with what they are doing more than if she would have been crossing the street," Atty commented alongside the video. "On our way home we witnessed parenting at its finest," she wrote.

But not everyone agreed. "You don't place them in a dangerous spot like that in order to get some satisfaction out of what they did to you," resident Randy Miller told WBBH

Others were so concerned that they alerted authorities. "How many times have we heard already in the last couple months that kids are getting hit and killed, even an adult?" said one woman who called police but wanted to remain anonymous. "You would've lost your kid for something—trying to prove a point when, in my opinion, there's much better ways to do so," she added.

Police did respond to the calls about a traffic hazard. After making inquiries—police confirmed that the girl did have access to water throughout the 89-degree day—they deemed the situation to be fine.

The girl's stepfather has explained the girl had lied repeatedly to her mother and had been given the option of appearing publicly with the sign or facing a whole summer grounded.

"She understands, and I think she's a better person for it because she chose to do what she needed to do to get out of the problems she had caused us," the stepfather explained.