Trump Supporter Leaves Racist Signs Attacking 'Commie' Biden Outside 96-Year-Old Woman's Home

Two homes in Florida had racist signs left outside their homes by a Donald Trump supporter, including one at a 96-year-old woman's house criticizing "commie" Joe Biden.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office investigated the incident after the signs were placed at two homes in Yulee, Florida.

According to a police report of the incident, seen by First Coast News, suspect Richard Barry admitted to police to throwing the signs into the front yards out of spite, but later regretted it and tried to go back and retrieve them.

Nitra Stokes posted images showing the signs that appeared outside her 96-year-old grandmother's house on Facebook. One sign read "[n-words'] lives don't f*****g matter," with another adding "f**k commie Biden to."

"My whole entire heart hurts that I'm this day in age my grandma STILL has to get called this," Stokes wrote. "I'm so mad right now I'm SHAKING—This is not a close knit community and my Grandma don't bother anybody. I hate she found this, I hate she felt the way she felt. Why are people like this?"

Another sign reading "Black lives matter only when they are dead" and "Black on Black crime is a beautiful thing" were also found at Stokes cousin's house, who lives on the same street as her grandmother.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office report says a woman saw a silver Chrysler 300 with a disabled tag throw signs into the yards—where Joe Biden signs were placed—and drove away.

Police managed to track down the vehicle to an address in Caesars Avenue, where they came into contact with Barry. Deputies noted that Barry had a Trump sign in his yard, according to the incident report.

Barry admitted to police that he threw the sign into the yards, but was sorry for doing so.

Barry said he tried to go back and pick up the signs, but they were gone by the time he got there. Barry also destroyed the signs in front of the deputies.

The suspect added that he would apologize to the victim and the family, but was advised against so by the deputies because of her emotional state and the seriousness of the incident.

Stokes said she rejected Barry's apology in another Facebook post.

"He was an old man probably who lived his life with hate in heart," she wrote.

"And the thing is my Grandma not even mad, She doesn't hate him. She's just [sad]. My grandma said she was called this numerous times as a child. I'm still livid."

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office has been contacted for further comment.

Political posters favoring U.S. presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are attached near a road September 11, 2020 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A family in Florida had racist signs placed at their yards, including one criticizing “commie” Biden. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty