Florida Uber Driver Accidentally Shoots Teenage Passenger

A Florida Uber driver accidentally shot a teenage passenger through her ankle while moving his gun yesterday, local media has reported.

Bailey Braun, 15, was taken to hospital on Sunday afternoon after being hit by the bullet, which went through her ankle and came out of her heel, according to ABC Local 10 News.

The local news outlet reported the accidental shooting took place by a bus stop outside the Hollywood Police Department as the driver was picking up more riders.

Uber said it had removed the driver from its ride-hailing service and was "working with law enforcement," but police told Local 10 News that the driver was not being charged as the shooting was accidental and he had a permit for the weapon.

Speaking to Local 10 News, Braun said she was with her boyfriend when they booked the Uber to Aventura, Florida.

Recounting the accidental shooting, she said: "The guy was going to move his gun and it went off. Well we just hear like a big pop and then we had ringing in our ears."

Her boyfriend Alcy Zalvidar recounted her saying she'd been shot, adding: "The guy came around and was like freaking out, grabbing his head and he was just like: 'I'm so sorry.'"

"Uber should be held responsible," artist and fellow passenger Ebony Noir said when interviewed by Local 10 News, adding that she was just about to get in the vehicle when the gun went off.

In an Instagram video posted by Noir, she said: "He should have never been riding in an Uber with a gun. Why you riding in an Uber with a gun?"

In a caption on the post, she added: "Understand this could have happened to anyone!!! UBER #boycott UNTIL WE GET #SAFETYCHECKS FOR EACH DRIVER."

Newsweek has contacted Uber for a statement on the accidental shooting but had not received a response at time of publication.

A company spokesperson told ABC Local 10 News that the incident was "deeply troubling" and said its thoughts were with the girl's family as she recovered.

"We have removed the driver's access to the app and will work with law enforcement," the ride-hailing app added.

Uber's official policy on firearms prohibits both drivers and passengers from possessing firearms while using the service. "Anyone who violates this policy may lose access to Uber," the policy page says.

The Hollywood Police Department in Florida has been approached for information on the Uber incident, but has not yet responded.