Disturbing Viral Video Shows Apparent Abduction of Florida Woman

Miami Police Department released a "disturbing" video on Sunday as they tried to track down a woman who they believe was kidnaped outside a store.

The video appears to show a woman in a parking lot walking past two men, and entering an auto parts store late on Friday, February 8, in the area of 36th Street and 23 Court NW in Miami's Allapattah neighborhood.

A car described by police as a newer white Nissan Altima carrying a paper tag then pulls up at the location. The woman reappears in the doorway of the store, in the grip of a man who pushes her towards the parked Nissan vehicle.

Police released a clip of the video on their social media channels, and urged members of the public with information to contact the City of Miami Police Robbery Unit on 305.603.6370 or the non-emergency number on 305.579.6111.

UPDATE: The abducted female has been located safely in good condition. Detectives are following up on the investigation.Thank you all for your...

Miami Police Department later wrote in a Facebook post that the "abducted female" had been found safely and in "good condition." Detectives are continuing their investigation.

Prior to the woman being found, Miami police Comannder Freddie Cruz said in a Facebook video: "This evening we are reporting that we are going to be publishing a very disturbing video of an abduction that occurred yesterday at 23:45.

"We want to inform everybody that there has been a young lady that has been abducted in this video you're going to see she is taken by force and she is placed in a four door white Nissa Altima with a paper tag.

"We're asking anyone with any information in regards to this abduction, this kidnapping, to please come forward with any and all information. It does not matter how little it is or a speculation of anything. Any info at this moment is important. You can call 911. You don't have to live in Miami."

He continued: "We don't know the whereabouts of this young lady, we don't know if she's hurt.

"This is someone's daughter, this is someone's sister, someone's family member."

It was unclear what had caused the apparent abduction or if any arrests had been made.

Police told Miami 7 the vehicle appeared to have a tag partly showing either CFJ7 or CJF7.

Kiara Delva, a police officer with Miami Police, told Miami 7 of the suspect: "We're not sure if he's armed. However, we did receive some information that he was observed physically abusing this female.

"Once again, he may be dangerous, so please do not approach him, and contact the police department."

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Miami Police Department released a video appearing to show a woman being abducted. Miami Police Department