Florida Woman, Displeased With Service, Hit Teen KFC Drive-Thru Staffer in Neck: Police

A Florida woman has been arrested after striking a KFC worker in the neck after allegedly receiving poor customer service.

Alexandra Maldonado, 23, is facing felony charges after the October 22 attack. According to St. Petersburg Police, Maldonado walked up to the drive-through window, reached in and struck the 16-year-old victim "causing a visible red mark 1" x 4" in size.

"The crime was captured on surveillance video," according to Maldonado's arrest record.

When Maldonado was later pulled over by police, she ended up confessing to the crime and was arrested on the scene. Because the KFC worker is a minor, Maldonado was charged with child abuse. She racked up an additional charge of burglary for "entering" the KFC window, which remains closed unless cars are pulling up to receive their food.

Maldonado was released from custody after posting a $15,000 bond.

KFC Logo
A Florida woman has been arrested after striking a 16-year-old KFC drive-thru worker in the neck. Pictured above is the KFC logo. Getty Images

Recently, there have been a string of bizarre mishaps in fast-food chains across the U.S.

On October 19, a Florida man was been arrested after attempting to rob a local Waffle House with finger guns and stealing napkins from the local restaurant.

On Tuesday, the Madison County Sheriff's Office stated that 28-year-old Eward Wiliam Rodriguez of Madison, Florida faced charges for unarmed robbery and assault after trying to rob the restaurant while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Witnesses at the restaurant told Madison County deputies that Rodriguez entered the Waffle House with a small dog, gestured with finger guns and yelled out, "get on the ground, y'all are getting robbed!" Rodriguez then grabbed a handful of napkins and left the scene.

Shortly afterward, Madison County deputies caught up with Rodriguez at home where he confessed to robbing the restaurant of its napkins, according to the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

In September, a viral video showed an ex-McDonalds employee, upset at how a customer was treating him, pouring sweet and sour sauce over their caramel frappe.

The video, which was posted on TikTok, received over 64 million views and inspired a number of comments from users who were disgusted by the employee's actions.

"Can't you be cited or arrested by PD for that? What if they were allergic to sweet and sour and they died," said one user. "I will legit fight you if you serve me that," another TikToker said.

The former McDonald's worker ended up being fired by the corporation, which he also posted on his TikTok page.

St. Petersburg police declined to comment when reached by Newsweek, as it is an open investigation.

Update (10/29/2021, 7:20 p.m.): This article has been updated to include that St. Petersburg police declined to comment.