Florida Woman Hits Burger King Employee With Sandwich, Yells Racial Slurs Over Tomato Slice

An elderly woman in Florida threw a tirade in a local Burger King and hurled her Whopper sandwich at an employee while yelling racial slurs at her over the "thickness" of a tomato slice on Friday, according to a police report obtained by Newsweek.

Judith Black, 77, was charged with a felony by the Wildwood Police department for her actions at a Burger King in Sumter County where multiple witnesses confirmed they heard her scream racial slurs at the unnamed female employee.

"She stated that she was upset about the thickness of the tomato on her sandwich and confronted the victim at the counter," Black told investigators after she was read her Miranda rights. "She stated that she was angry that the victim was not fixing the issue and 'had the burger in my hand and tossed it at her.'"

Black resides in a 55 and older retirement community known as The Villages which is coined as "Florida's friendliest hometown," on its website.

She was dissatisfied upon receiving her Whopper and yelled at the Burger King employee across the counter who told her that she "could help her if she would stop yelling."

After the employee turned around, Black threw her Whopper sandwich, which hit the employee in the back.

"Shut up you Black b****," the employee stated Black told her before storming outside to her vehicle with her husband.

The employee said when her and another co-worker walked outside where Black called the employee a "n*****."

The Burger King's manager and a customer were also witnesses to the felony and racial slurs.

The co-worker "stated that Mrs. Black said, 'F*** you, black n*****' and before leaving, stated 'black n*****' again."

Security footage reviewed by officers captured the moments of the Whopper being thrown.

After Black left the scene, she was located by police after they ran her vehicle's license plate which showed it was owned by her husband. With her husband's information, they were able to identify and find Black.

Black admitted to the accusations made against her, including the racial slurs she called the employee and the evidence captured on video.

She was originally charged with misdemeanor classified as battery, but due to the racist language she used, the charge was enhanced to a felony under Florida state law.

Black was transferred to the Sumter County Detention Center and was eventually released on a $2,500 bond.

Newsweek reached out to the Wildwood Police department but they declined to comment ahead of publication.

Burger King Sign
An exterior view of a Burger King restaurant on April 1, 2019 in Richmond Heights, Missouri. On Friday, an elderly woman in Florida threw her Whopper sandwich at a Burger King employee and hurled racial slurs at her, resulting in a felony charge. Michael Thomas/Getty Images