Florida Woman Shoots Former T-Mobile Boss After He 'Ruined Her Life' by Firing Her: Police

A Florida woman is currently in police custody after entering a Florida T-Mobile location and shooting her former store manager at point-blank range.

On Monday, 27-year-old Rachel Boisette turned herself in at the Broward Sheriff's Office Main Jail after shooting the manager. Boisette is currently facing charges of attempted homicide with a firearm, according to the Sun-Sentinel. No information about bail was made public.

On October 8, Boisette went to the T-Mobile store to confront the store manager after she was fired in August. Boisette said that the firing "ruined her life" even though the manager who she shot didn't assist in firing her from the cell phone store.

Prior to the shooting, Boisette visited the location several times, which was captured on surveillance footage, according to local authorities. The victim who was shot tried to call 911 several times throughout the day to no avail.

T-Mobile Logo
A Florida woman is currently in custody after going up to her former place of employment and shooting the store manager at point-blank range. Pictured above is an image of the T-Mobile logo on the side of a building. Getty Images

When Boisette arrived at the store for the final time, she approached the cash register, produced a gun and shot the store manager, striking him in his left arm and chest. After the victim tried to flee, Boisette followed him into a back-office room, then to a bathroom, and shot the bathroom door twice before the gun malfunctioned.

Boisette ended up leaving the store after the gun was jammed.

The victim was taken to Broward Health Medical Center and listed in critical condition. While talking to police from his bed, the victim said he knew Boisette for years and that they had a mutual friendship outside of work.

Hostile situations in the workplace have been a pertinent issue throughout the year.

In September, a viral video showed an ex-McDonalds employee who poured sweet-and-sour sauce over a customer's caramel frappe due to him being upset at how he was being treated.

The video, which was posted on TikTok, received over 64 million views and contained a number of comments from users who were disgusted by the employee's actions.

"Can't you be cited or arrested by PD for that? What if they were allergic to sweet and sour and they died," said one user. "I will legit fight you if you serve me that," another TikToker said.

The former McDonalds worker ended up being fired by the corporation which he also posted on his TikTok page.

Newsweek reached out to the Broward County Sheriff's Office for comments but did not receive a response before publication.