Florida Woman Stabs Dog 9 Times After Furious Argument With Husband

A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with the killing of a dog after an argument with her husband. Deputies say Sherry Ann White, 51, was arguing with her husband and stabbed the dog, named Jake, nine times.

Police say White woke up her husband at their home in Canaveral Groves Blvd to tell him what she had done to Jake, who belonged to White's husband.

She has been charged with animal cruelty and aggravated animal abuse. White is currently in jail with a bond of $2,000, something Sheriff Wayne of Brevard County is hoping to change. The Sheriff said he has zero tolerance for animal abuse in Brevard County.

After the arrest, Brevard County released a video to their social media pages where Wayne explained the details of the incident.

He said: "Sadly, unfortunately, I find myself standing at the southern port of our jail once again to make an arrest on an animal abuse case. This one is sickening, I can't tell you to any more degree how sickening this one is.

"This is a case that started off as a domestic issue off of Canaveral Groves Blvd. The two spouses were engaged in an argument, the husband went to bed, he was awakened later in the night by his wife telling him that she had stabbed his dog.

"When I tell you that she stabbed his dog, I am going to show you the pictures, I want to warn you that they are extremely graphic in nature."

The sheriff then showed the pictures of the dog, and the knife they say was used in the incident.


He continued: "This is absolutely disgusting. She is being arrested for aggravated animal abuse, animal cruelty. Sadly her bond is only $2,000 and I promise you that I am going to work with our legislators to make sure this changes.

"This is the case where we are making an arrest on probable cause, that is the bond for this. What I can tell you is that this woman has no remorse. She literally woke her husband up and said I stabbed your dog because I was mad at you.

"He did everything he could to save the dog's life, he and a friend that he called. I am going to put her right where she belongs, me and agent Straten are going to walk her into jail."

According to reports by WFTV the affidavit for this case highlighted some of the gruesome details.

White told police she had stabbed the dog several times and killed him with her knife "because she had to and was sorry."

According to the affidavit, she is accused of "intentionally, excessively and repeatedly inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering to the family canine Jake, which caused him to suffer a cruel death."

It also said that White told the police the dog did not fight back during the attack and after stabbing him she went to bed.

Brevard County Sheriff
Brevard County Sheriff's escorting arrested Sherry Ann White to jail. White was arrested in relation to the stabbing of her husband's dog. Brevard County Sheriff's Office