Florida Woman 'Tired Of Living In Trump Country' Stabs Herself Multiple Times: Police

A Florida woman was taken to a local hospital on Sunday after she allegedly stabbed herself three times with a kitchen knife, telling police that she did so because she was "tired of living in Trump country."

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, officers with the Palmetto Police Department responded to a call about the woman, though it was unclear if she or someone else contacted the police.

At the time, the officers found the woman outside her home with her face, head and legs with blood on them. When an officer asked the woman what happened, she lifted up her shirt to reveal three stab wounds on her abdomen that were still bleeding.

The woman, who has not been named, admitted to the officers that she had stabbed herself because she was "tired of living in Trump country" and was tired of President Donald Trump being in office.

According to the police report, officers contacted paramedics who transported the woman to a local hospital under a trauma alert. She was later admitted into the hospital under the Baker Act, also known as the Florida Mental Health Act. The state law, enacted in 1971, allows for an individual to be placed on a psychiatric hold for up to 72 hours. The law can be invoked by doctors, mental health professionals, law enforcement and judges.

In this case, a responding officer used the law to admit the woman, writing in the police report, "I strongly believe that there is a substantial likelihood that without care or treatment the person will cause serious bodily harm to herself and/or others. I believe that [name redacted] is unable to determine for herself whether examination is necessary."

Speaking to the woman at the hospital, she informed the officer that she had previously been admitted under the Baker Act and had tried to hurt herself before, the police report says.

Laws similar to the Baker Act exist in all U.S. states and the District Of Columbia, though the criteria for admittance, type of facility for the hold and the length of the hold may vary. In New York, the law is known as Kendra's Law and in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky as Casey's Law.
According to a report from Canada's CBC News, mental health professionals have seen a rise in anxiety and political-related stress since Trump was sworn into office in January 2017. The article cites a 2017 essay clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning penned for a book titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Mental Health Experts Assess a President where the phrase "Trump Anxiety Disorder" was coined.
In the essay, Panning states that Trump Anxiety Disorder can be separated from typical anxiety disorder due to "symptoms were specific to the election of Trump and the resultant unpredictable sociopolitical climate."
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