'Saddest Day of the Year' for Fluffy Sled Dog As His Snow Pile Finally Melts

A video of a fluffy white dog enjoying his last days of snow has melted hearts online.

Storm is an Alaskan malamute, a breed described by the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) as "large [and] often mistaken for Huskies, but Malamutes are larger, being very solid dogs as they were originally bred to pull sledges."

Like his fellow malamutes, Storm, who's thought to live in Michigan, can't get enough of the white stuff, with his owners regularly posting videos of him frolicking in ice and snow drifts.

A TikTok video posted by his owner, to account @storm.cloudboi, showed the white pooch camouflaged on a small patch of snow on a deck.

"Sad puppy," they said in the post, revealing: "It's the saddest day of the year today. The last day his beloved snow pile will be with us. He is cherishing its last moments."

The clip, shared on Saturday, has already amassed three million views, and was captioned: "The saddest day of the year is upon us; the last of his snow is gone."

Meanwhile, on the Instagram page dedicated to him, also called @storm.cloudboi, his owner explained: "We're expecting a high of 62°F and his beloved snow pile will meet its end."

Commenting on the touching clip, Castlebrooklynn wrote: "Please move to the Arctic during these trying times."

Elizabeth Jean commented: "I would donate for a snow machine. No sad doggos allowed."


The saddest day of the year is upon us; the last of his snow is gone. 💔 sadpuppy snowmelt fyp malamute snowdog saddestday dogsoftiktok

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Championofmediocreplants said: "Get that boy a snow machine right now."

Bukkit warned: "The weather better start snowing right now."

Angie Tolbert joked: "Snow don't leave! This baby needs you!"

While Teshia Saunders added: "As a Malamute owner we know the pain and stand in solidarity."

His owner has shared numerous clips of Storm enjoying piles of snow, with one shared a few ago captioned "white walker."

The pair took a stroll on frosty sidewalks, as his owner said: "Storm being a stubborn #malamute & insisting on walking on the ice."

While one, from the end of January, showed Storm lying in another pile of snow, as his owner wrote: "Nothing exciting, except for a sweet boy & his love for snow."

She explained the origins of his snow pile, saying: "He's always sad to see it go, but that's why we build him a pile. Takes longer to melt."

However, in an unexpected twist, his owner shared a video to Instagram on Monday, revealing in contrast to the weather forecast "we got snow."

She shared a clip of a happy Storm running and rolling around in the icy temperatures. "The universe heard your pleas," she added in the on-screen captions.

PSDA explained the breed is well-suited to Arctic temperatures due to their "double coat," explaining extra care needs to be taken when they're in hot climes, so they don't overheat.

Aside from Storm's heart-warming love for snow, his owner also revealed he has hydrocephalus, and a right forebrain lesion, which appears to cause circling behaviour and seizures.

As well as snow videos, she's also shared clips of the numerous medicines he has to take, as well as him circling.

According to website Great Pet Care, hydrocephalus is an "uncommon neurological disorder in dogs [and] happens when cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) cannot drain properly and it increases pressure on the brain.

"Dogs can be born with hydrocephalus or acquire it as a result of tumors, viral infections, or fungal infections," it added.

Newsweek reached out to @storm.cloudboi for comment.

File photo of malamute in the snow.
File photo of malamute in the snow. An owner has shared the "saddest day of the year" for her dog, when the snow all melts. MarinaVarnava/Getty Images