Flyer Shares Hack to Avoid Extra Luggage Fees but Not Everyone Is Sold

A flyer has claimed her hack for traveling means you can still return with all your extra belongings, without having to pay luggage fees.

Some travelers will recognize the embarrassment of having to wear layers upon layers of clothes through baggage check-in to avoid being charged for excess suitcase weight. One TikTok user has provided a handy trick, which she claims avoids it completely—whether you're trying to keep your suitcase under a weight or simply don't want to bring more than hand luggage.

Kristen Black shared a video from a recent flight back from Paris Fashion Week, in which she used her extra clothing that couldn't fit in her hand luggage to create a neck pillow for the flight. "Save space, save money," she wrote, even tagging Ryan Air.

"How to pack for your RyanAir flight," she instructed, showing herself laying her jumper out of the airport flood.

Black rolled more clothes into the jumper, before using the arms to fasten it around her neck.

"Use your hat for souvenirs you bought during your trip," she added, as she placed an item underneath her hat and wore it.

With 4 million views, the video has garnered a wide spectrum of responses, from those eager to try it out to those doubtful of its effectiveness.

It seems the trick has made its way to the attention of RyanAir themselves, though, as the official TikTok jokingly commented: "Bestie, I'm scared."

"Can't say I haven't been there, done that," related one TikTok user.

"Imagine sitting next to her during the flight, not so thoughtful of the other passengers," commented one TikTok viewer.

Another noted that the item placing would likely ring alarm bells at security: "This is actually a tutorial on how to get stopped at an airport."

It isn't the first time a hack for traveling aboard a plane has gone viral after a Delta Air Lines worker claimed in June that planes have a secret compartment in the bathrooms. In the video, Joselin Lora showed the cupboard behind the mirror in an airplane bathroom, filled with "amenities of your needs like pads."

The worker added that some Delta planes have buttons under the mirror, which causes it to open like a bathroom cabinet, revealing products like paper towels, sanitary towels and boxes of tissues.

According to comments on the video, many airplanes have similar storage facilities for toiletries in bathrooms onboard.

Newsweek has contacted Ryan Air for comment.

Woman loading suitcase at check-in airport
Stock image of baggage check-in at an airport. Getty Images