Michael Flynn Is Campaigning for Republicans, Giving Foreign Policy Speeches, Despite Pleading Guilty to Lying to the FBI

Disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn has re-entered the political limelight but not as a witness or target of the special counsel's investigation. Instead, Flynn has reportedly become a star among President Donald Trump's supporters and those rallying against Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Indeed, the former general delivered a foreign policy speech in New York Thursday night and endorsed a Republican candidate for Congress last month, according to Politico.

After delivering his speech about "directions in foreign policy" for the London Center for Policy Research, he stated he was "doing great" while refusing to answer questions.

Flynn reportedly was not paid for the speech, but those who attended had to shell out $10,000 in order to hear the short-lived national security adviser, as well as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and others.

The speech followed Flynn's endorsement of Republican candidate Omar Navarro, who is challenging Democratic Representative Maxine Waters for her seat in California.

The efforts are intended for Flynn to put his controversial recent past behind him.

"General Flynn is moving on with his life and this speech is part of that endeavor," his brother Joseph Flynn told Politico. "There are lots of people who want to hear his voice again."

Still, Flynn is only about five months removed from his guilty plea in Mueller's probe. In December, he admitted to lying to FBI officials about his contacts with foreign officials and agreed to cooperate with the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

Flynn's speech occurred mere hours before former FBI director James Comey's infamous memos were leaked to the media. Comey quoted Trump as saying Flynn had "serious judgment issues" after learning a foreign leader had called to speak to the president but that a call back had not been scheduled until six days later. The country and its leader were redacted, as were other lines in the memos that Comey kept after what he perceived to be odd or improper behavior by Trump in their interactions.

Trump has said he had to fire Flynn in February of last year because he had lied to the FBI, but has also wondered on Twitter why Flynn's life had to be "destroyed" while others like Comey and Hillary Clinton have faced no investigations. The president reiterated his stance Friday morning while again blasting Comey.

"So General Michael Flynn's life can be totally destroyed while Shadey James Comey can Leak and Lie and make lots of money from a third rate book (that should never have been written). Is that really the way life in America is supposed to work? I don't think so!" Trump tweeted.

Michael Flynn Is Campaigning for Republicans, Giving Foreign Policy Speeches, Despite Pleading Guilty to Lying to the FBI | U.S.