Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation: Fox News Radio Host Calls Protestors 'Animals', Says They Should be Tasered

Fox News Radio host, Todd Starnes, took to Twitter Saturday to express his distaste toward Kavanaugh protestors.

While numerous protestors gathered at Capitol Hill, some made it inside the Senate gallery with one word: "Shame!"

"Those screaming animals in the Senate gallery should be tasered, handcuffed and dragged out of the building," Starnes tweeted.

After Brett Kavanaugh was officially confirmed, the 50-year-old commentator expanded on the theme.

Starnes followed up with tweets like, "JUSTICE," and called for punishment of the Democrats.

"Finally. Justice for Kavanaugh. Now, it's up to voters to punish the Democrats."

The conservative radio host's choice words come after senators brought a tense debate to a close with 50-48 vote, confirming Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice.