'Food Fantasy' Food Souls Guide: Tips for Summoning, Freshness, Fondness, Tier List and More

Started playing "Food Fantasy" but need some tips for using Food Souls effectively? Check out our complete guide to summoning, freshness, fondness, tier list and more, here.

ELEX's latest mobile sensation, Food Fantasy, released over the weekend, and we're already pretty obsessed. Mixing together RPG combat and storytelling with a restaurant management sim, Food Fantasy has plenty going on to keep players hooked. If you're just getting started, there is a lot to take in and understand. To help you get off on the right foot, we've put together a series of guides and walkthroughs geared towards beginners to intermediate players. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about your Food Souls, including summoning, freshness, fondness, tier lists, team composition and more. This guide is largely intended for players between levels 1-20. We'll soon be posting guides for more advanced gameplay as well, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, if you were looking for more tips and tricks, or recipe guides, check out all our Food Fantasy posts, here.

'Food Fantasy' Food Souls Guide

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Food Souls are the heart of your gameplay in Food Fantasy. ELEX

Your Food Fantasy adventure begins as you step into the shoes of, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur tasked with turning a restaurant into a thriving culinary empire. As the story unfolds, you are introduced to Food Souls, culinary spirits that help you in both managing your restaurant and fighting battles against the nefarious Fallen Angels that have wreaked havoc on the four regions of Terria. As you progress in the game, you'll find Food Souls play a large role in your success. You'll want to add more of them to your collection, while choosing the best to focus your EXP bottles and Soul shards on.

How to Summon Food Souls

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Summoning Food Souls is essential to unlocking higher tier characters and powering them up. ELEX

The first Food Soul you'll acquire is Milk, but you'll want to summon new ones as often as you can. You'll obtain new Food Souls by collecting Soul Embers and using them in the summoning pavilion at the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen. Summoning a Food Soul costs 150 Soul Embers. The Food Soul you summon will be random, but if you summon one you already have, it will be converted into Soul Shards, which are used to Ascend your Food Soul.

How to Get Food Soul Embers

There are a number of ways to earn Food Soul Embers. First, you need to take advantage of all the daily login and event benefits. These are mainly found in the Benefits, Daily Missions and Events tabs at the top of the screen.

  • Benefits - These are limited-time benefits for new players and serve as a kind of short-term goals set. There are seven sets and one unlocks each day you log in to the game. Each set has eight to 10 ongoing goals to complete. When you finish all the goals you'll be awarded a rare Food Soul. You'll want to check these New Player benefits every day to see what you should be working towards. Completing each of these goals also awards you with a variety of resources, like Coins, Stamina, Soul Embers and more.
  • Daily - This tab includes both daily and long-term missions. The daily objectives are labeled Mission and the long-term are labeled Growth. You can earn a variety of resources by completing these. For Food Soul Embers, we recommend focusing on the Growth Goals under these sub tabs: Food Soul Type > Nurture
  • Events - This tab includes your daily sign-in rewards as well as any limited-time event. Be sure to check what's new here each day as limited-time events offer a lot of ways to earn Food Soul-related resources like Shards and Soul Embers.

Food Soul Types and Tier List

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Bamboo Rice is one of 8 rare UR Food Souls in Food Fantasy. ELEX

In order to maximize the usefulness of your Food Souls, you need to understand the four fighting types and rarity levels.

From lowest to the highest tier, here are the four Food Souls ranks: M (Silver), R (Blue), SR (Purple) and UR (Yellow)

In terms of fighting styles, here are the four Food Soul Types - Defense, Strength, Magic and Support.

There are currently 78 different Food Souls to summon. You can find all of them, arranged by rarity, here. For players preparing their early stage battle teams, it's best to create a balanced team with at least one of each type of Food Soul. You'll also have more luck if you focus on using your higher tier Food Souls in battle and keeping your lower tier (M and R) ones for running the restaurant or deliveries. M Food Souls are an especially good choice for the restaurant.

Powering Your Food Souls: On Upgrading, Ascension, Skill Leveling and Fondness

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You can upgrade, ascend and level up a Foood Soul's skills from the Food Soul menu. ELEX

As you work your way through your storyline missions and stage battles, the strength and synergy of your Food Souls will be essential for making progress. There are four main ways to improve the power of your Food Souls: upgrading, ascension, leveling skills and increasing fondness. All can be done in the Food Soul Menu at the bottom of the screen.

  • Upgrading Food Souls - Upgrading a Food Soul's level will bring small increases to various battle stats like Attack, Defense and Health Points. Upgrading Food Soul requires EXP points that can be earned through battle, or by using EXP bottles won in various missions and challenges. Your Food Soul's levels cannot exceed your player level. To upgrade a Food Soul with bottles, go to the Food Soul Menu, tap on the Food Soul you want to power up and tap the Upgrade button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You can manually upgrade the Food Soul by tapping on the available potions until you've reached the level you want, or to upgrade a Food Soul to the maximum level tap the Second Upgrade button.
  • Ascension - If you really want to power up your Food Souls, this is done through Ascension. While upgrading a Food Soul increases two or three stats by a few points, with Ascension, all five of a Food Souls stats get boosted by a large amount of points. You can Ascend a Food Soul up to five times, earning a star with each Ascension. In order to Ascend a Food Soul, you must gather Ascension shards. The first Ascend costs 15 shards, but with each additional Ascension, the cost scales upward. Every time you summon a Food Soul you already have, you'll earn 15 Ascension shards. Additional shards can also be earned in limited time events and some Storyline Missions. To Ascend a Food Soul, go to the Food Soul Menu, tap twice on the one you want to Ascend, then tap on the new Ascend button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • Skill Leveling - While Upgrading and Ascension affect a Food Soul's general battle power, Skill Leveling increases your Food Soul's passive and active battle skills. From level six and up you'll be spending coins and seasonings, both of which are mainly earned by selling dishes and completing tasks in the restaurant. To level up a Food Soul's skills, go to the Food Soul Menu, tap twice on the Food Soul you want to level, then tap the Skills menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Tap the skill you want to upgrade and tap the upgrade button. The skill level your Food Soul can reach is linked to his or her EXP level.
  • Fondness - This isn't really a feature players early in the game need to worry about, as it seems to be more relevant to later gameplay. Fondness basically comes down to intimacy and how much your Food Soul likes you. Each time you level up a Food Soul's fondness, he or she will get a minor stat boost of about two percent as well as unlock a bit more of the Food Soul's backstory. To increase Fondness, you must feed a Food Soul dishes you've prepared in your restaurant. Food Souls prefer some dishes over others and favorites yield a lot more fondness points, so pay attention to how the levels increase with different meals. Redditors have compiled a list of Food Souls' preferred cuisine and dishes, which you can find here. To feed a Food Soul, tap on him or her in the Food Soul menu and tap on the Fried Egg icon in the upper middle of the screen.

Which Food Souls Should I Upgrade? Tips for Focusing Your Energy

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Some Food Souls have powerful linked skills that are unlocked when teamed with specific characters. ELEX

You may be tempted to upgrade every Food Soul you come across, but this would be a mistake. Resources become more scarce the higher you go, so you'll want to focus on a core team of Food Souls to upgrade. These will also be the Food Souls you use in stage battles, as leveling up doesn't appear to have any benefits for Restaurant staff and delivery teams. Here are a few tips for choosing the best Food Souls for your team and upgrade focus.

  • Focus on UR and SR Food Souls - This one is kind of a no-brainer but UR and SR Food Souls are far more powerful than R and M Food Souls when it comes to stage battles, so focus your upgrades there. While you may find a useful R Food Soul for your team, always be on the lookout for a higher ranking replacement as you summon new Food Souls.
  • Create a Balanced Team - The synergy of your team will have a big impact on the outcome of stage battles. In most cases, it's essential to have a Support/Healer and a Defense character and a mixture of Strength and Magic Food Souls to make up the rest of the team. Every player starts with Milk as a Support character, and you'll soon gain Tom Yum for defense. These two characters are the main exception to the M and R character rule, and are worth focusing upgrade energy on until you unlock someone better. You can see a Tier List of best characters to focus upgrade energies on here.
  • Pay Attention to Combo or Linked Skills - Every Food Soul comes with two passive skills but some also have a powerful linked skill that can be unlocked by placing them in a team with certain Food Souls. For example, Milk can unlock a linked skill for Black Tea and Coffee. This new skill is an active skill that charges up over time in battle. When the skill is charged its icon will light up on the battle screen. You can check for Food Souls with linking skills by visiting the Skills Menu for a given Food Soul. We've also created a complete list of Food Souls with Linked Skills and different combo options, here.

Freshness: How to Revive a Tired Food Soul

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A tired Food Soul will need to eat Magic Food or be sent to the Ice Arena to restore Freshness. ELEX

Food Souls do a lot of work for players in Food Fantasy, so it makes sense they sometimes get a bit worn out! Each has a certain number of Freshness points and any action diminishes that amount. When a Food Soul's freshness points are completely gone, you cannot use him or her again until you've replenished them. The most tiring work for Food Souls is working in the Restaurant, so you'll want to keep a close eye on the Freshness levels of these characters. As we mentioned before, M-tier Food Souls are best employees for the Restaurant because they have a significantly higher number of Freshness points.

How To Restore Food Soul Freshness

There are two ways to restore freshness to a Food Soul -- feed it Magic Food or send it to the Ice Arena.

  • How To Use Magic Food - This part of the game can be hard to figure out. In order to use Magic Food, you have to tap on a Food Soul working in the Restaurant as staff, but not the Chef. Look for him or her on the Restaurant Floor and then tap. This will open a feeding menu. This is different than feeding to increase fondness, so don't get them confused. Tap on the Feeding tab and you will see the available Magic Foods. Tap on a Magic Food to feed it to your Food Soul until fully revived. If you want to revive the Chef, you'll have to temporarily place him or her in a staff position. If you run out of Magic Food, you can replace tired Food Souls with fresh ones. If you've reached Level 16, you can also send him or her to the Ice Arena.
  • Ice Arena - This is by far the most cost-effective way to revive Food Souls, but it doesn't unlock until Level 16, when an Ice Arena Icon will appear on the Restaurant main screen. When you go to the Ice Arena, you'll see a tab called Tired Food Souls. Simply tap on a tired one to send it to the Ice Arena. If Food Souls you want to revive are working in the Restaurant, you'll have to remove them first. The same is true of Food Souls our on a delivery. They must return before they can be sent to the Ice Arena.