Food: Take It With A Grain Of Haute Salt

Didi Davis, founder and president of Salt Traders, knows seasoning. Her outfit sells specialty salts harvested directly from the sea, without additives or chemical processing. They retain their trace mineral content, which makes for more complex and delicious flavors. Check out naturally occurring red, pink, green, black and white salts, many with lower sodium-chloride percentages than the table variety (making them healthier). One exotic product: Hawaiian Kona, which is solar-evaporated from water pumped 2,000 feet below sea level. Fleur de sel, the "flower of salt," is hand-harvested off salt ponds in the Guérande region of France, but only when wind, temperature and humidity levels create the perfect conditions for surface evaporation. Pakistani and Himalayan flake salts have delicate structures that adhere to food and readily dissolve. And a variety of smoked salts work well on meat, fish, poultry, potatoes and eggs (

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