Food: A Taste Of Designer Chocolate

For those looking to send a personal message with chocolate, M&M's will print sweet nothings on 600 grams of their candy for €23, or portraits for €29 ( But now luxury chocolatiers are taking personalization to a whole new level. The Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate and Champagne House in London offers a set of chocolates by award-winning master chocolatier Bill McCarrick, who consults with each client for four to six weeks before creating a confection with the perfect taste, texture and aroma. For €1,500, customers receive their chocolates in a hand-made box with rosewood stringing and ripple sycamore inlays. The company even promises to keep recipes under lock and key so no one can duplicate them ( But for more immed-iate gratification, the special-order Marie-Belle Chocolate Picnic Steamer Trunk, made of textured leather and antiqued brass hardware, is filled with more than 13 kilos of gourmet chocolate; a teapot and tea infuser, and even a hand-bound chocolate journal for filling with memories of chocolate-induced delirium (€9,490; Now that's something even Willy Wonka would appreciate.

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