Former Server Says She Added Coupons to Cash Tables for a Larger Tip in Viral Video

A woman has gone viral after sharing on TikTok a trick she would use as a server to in an effort to pocket more tips from certain tables.

TikToker @notyouraveragesahm posted the video this week and has since been watched over 900,000 times.

"When [I] was a server & used to add coupon to my cash tables after they paid so [I] could have bigger tips," she wrote in text overlaid onto the video.

In the video @notyouraveragesahm, whose first name is Ashley, is seen acting out the motions of plugging in a food order.

"I was making money one way or another," she captioned the video.

This is not the first time employees and former employees have used the app to expose secrets about their workplace.

In a video posted in 2019, fans of the bakery chain Panera were shocked to find out how their famous macaroni and cheese is made, Newsweek reported.

Viewers were shocked to find out it the meal was frozen before its served.

Outside of the food service industry, in another video that has since been removed, Newsweek reported that a former Marshall's employee claimed that the department store cannot take any action if a customer shoplifts. Shoplifting, though, is of course illegal.

Ashely told Newsweek in an email that she just made her video to be funny and did not expect the comments she received.

"I had no idea anyone else did this, people in the comments are admitting to some wild s**t [I] couldn't believe it," she said.

She said though she has worked in restaurants since she was 16, she only employed this trick at an establishment where "the managers didn't give a f**k about the employees and customers [didn't] tip."

She said as far as she knows she was never caught and used to win contests at work because of her skill as a server.

Server, TikTok
A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a trick she would use to make more tips as a server. Here, a stock image shows a server carrying plates. Denis Stankovic/Getty Images

"I just needed a [little] extra money and there's nothing wrong with that," she told Newsweek. "People are commenting on this saying 'this is why [I] don't tip' when i can guarantee they didn't tip before they even saw my [TikTok]."

"I have a lot of empathy for people who save all of their money to go out to eat once a year or so but don't devalue my work by not paying me," she continued.

She clarified that through using coupons she did not profit "that much," and would make an additional $20 or $30 when she did so—though it was not something that happened every shift.

"I think a billion dollar corporation that pays almost no wages can handle it," she continued, though did not specify the restaurant she worked for.

Though in one comment where someone asked where she works she responded "mine was a big chain...let's call it blue crab."

Comments varied from others admitting their own tricks of the trade and some warning the repercussions of actions like hers.

"I had an employee do this for almost 3 years before corporate caught him," one commenter wrote, "he's in prison for felony theft."

Another commenter said they themselves went to jail for "this."

"Don't hate the player, hate the game!" said another commenter supporting Ashley.