Sam Nunberg Meltdown: Former Trump Aide Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders an 'Unattractive Fat Slob'

Ex-Donald Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg described White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as "unattractive" and a "fat slob" in an interview with Spectrum News NY1 Monday, one of the many appearances he made during his spectacular media meltdown.

After Nunberg received a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday, he turned to cable news for a series of bizarre, no-holds-barred interviews. He dared the feds to arrest him and declared he had a sneaking suspicion that Trump "may have done something during the election," among many other controversial and sometimes contradictory statements.

But perhaps the lowest point of the night was when he called into NY1 to bash Sanders's physical appearance. Speaking to anchor Josh Robin, Nunberg said, "She's a joke. OK fine, yeah, she's unattractive, she's a fat slob. But that's irrelevant. The person she works for has a 30 percent approval rating."

Nunberg added, "So if she wants to start attacking me, she can do that. That's fine. But we know it's a joke. Everyone knows it's a joke that she's working there."

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders waits for her turn to speak during a daily news briefing at the White House on November 30, 2017. Getty

Sanders recently downplayed Nunberg's involvement with the Trump campaign and administration, claiming he possessed a "lack of knowledge" about the White House's inner workings and any possible Trump campaign misconduct.

"I definitely think he doesn't know that for sure, because he's incorrect," Sanders said. "As we've said many times before, there was no collusion with the Trump campaign. Anything further on what his actions are? He hasn't worked at the White House, so I certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge he clearly has."

Several Republican critics have ridiculed Nunberg's criticisms as idiotic and below the belt.

"You can't think of anything more intelligent to say? It reflects poorly on the person who makes the personal accusation," former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey said. "Sarah is one tough cookie. She's a competent woman. I have enormous respect for her."

In 2015, Nunberg was dismissed from the Trump election campaign after he allegedly posted a series of controversial social media posts that were picked up by several news outlets. The following year, Trump began arbitration proceedings against his former aide, seeking $10 million for Nunberg's alleged breach of a confidentiality agreement.

Listen to Nunberg's interview with NY1 below: