Dick Cheney Signs 'Waterboard Kit' in Promo for New Showtime Series

Former Vice President Dick Cheney can be seen autographing a "waterboard kit" in a new promo for Sacha Baron Cohen's mysterious upcoming Showtime series.

"Dick Cheney is it possible to sign my waterboard kit?" Baron Cohen asks off camera in the promo, before Cheney is seen signing the item.


— Sacha Baron Cohen (@SachaBaronCohen) July 8, 2018

"That's a first," Cheney said. "That's the first time I've ever signed a waterboard."

Baron Cohen, who gained notoriety for his popular but controversial films Borat and Bruno, teased the new series with the Twitter video. The video included the cryptic message: "Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year."

On July 4, Cohen tweeted a similarly puzzling video that included footage of Donald Trump insulting him. "He's back as you've never seen him before," a caption on the video said before the words "Sacha Graduates Soon" and the Trump University logo appear on screen.

A message from your President @realDonaldTrump on Independence Day pic.twitter.com/O2PwZqO0cs

— Sacha Baron Cohen (@SachaBaronCohen) July 4, 2018

Cheney, who served as Vice President under President George W. Bush, was an adamant supporter of "enhanced interrogation techniques" including waterboarding: pouring excessive amounts over someone's face to simulate drowning.

In 2006, Cheney said waterboarding was "a no brainer" in a radio interview and has insisted "enhanced interrogation" programs are effective despite scientific evidence that has shown it to be ineffective and even counterproductive.

It is unclear how much Baron Cohen's new show will focus on the Trump administration. Baron Cohen and Trump have long been critics of one another, with Trump openly hoping for Cohen to lose popularity at different points. "Glad to see that Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie is not only a dud but not too good at the box office," he tweeted in 2012. "He is talentless"

Also in 2012, Trump told HLN that Baron Cohen was a "bad guy" and a "moron" that "nobody cares about."

Baron Cohen, for his part, told James Corden in 2016 that he was "the first person to realize" that Trump "was a dick."