Fort Hunter Liggett Tent Collapse Latest: Multiple Casualties Reported

Emergency responders have raced to Fort Hunter Liggett on California's central coast after a large tent collapsed during an annual U.S. Army Reserve training exercise, leaving at least 22 soldiers injured. 

The U.S. Army said a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter landing in a remote training area on Wednesday around 9:20 p.m. "kicked up wind," causing the tent structure to collapse. 

In a statement shared on Facebook in the early hours of Thursday morning, the army said a "number of soldiers" had been injured in the incident.

RTR1XO0T U.S. soldiers listen to feedback after a simulated war exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California, February 27, 2008. An incident at the training site has left multiple soldiers injured on July 18, 2018. Erin Siegal/REUTERS

So far, no fatalities have been reported, the Army said. 

Two of the injured had to be airlifted to Fresno, California, for medical treatment while another two were transported by ground to Twin Cities Medical Center in Templeton, California.

"The majority of injuries are minor and are being treated on site," the Army said. 

The Army said the incident occurred during an annual Army Reserve exercise, covering combat support training for Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers. 

It said that while it understands "the concerns friends and family have for their loved ones currently training at Fort Hunter Liggett," the Garrison is "not currently authorized to release any personal information regarding the condition of injured soldiers."

The Army said unit leadership would be contacting families "as appropriate" and said it would continue to provide updates "as the situation develops."

Fort Hunter Liggett, which was named after General Hunter Liggett in 1941, is the largest Army Reserve installation, according to its website.

It is primarily used by the Army as a training facility, where activities, including live fire exercises, are typically performed. 

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.