‘Fortnite’ Backpack Guide: Where To Find a Jetpack, Balancing Fuel and What’s Coming Next

The jetpack has finally come to Fortnite, heralding the start of a new age of backpacks. These equippable weapons replace back blings on your character’s model and allow you to do amazing things. Currently, the only backpack in the game is the Jetpack, though more are slated to come in the near future and a recent data mine may have found clues as to what’s next.

How To Get a Jetpack

Like every other item in Fortnite, Jetpacks can be found in chests hidden around the map. Equipping one takes an item slot in your inventory, but you can hold a weapon at the same time. You can’t fly and shoot, forcing you to really think about when you want to go on the offensive or defensive. Only one backpack can be held at a time, so you can’t hord jetpacks and never run out of fuel.

How To Use a Jetpack

After equipping the jetpack, all you have to do is hold the jump button to take off. It doesn’t matter if you’re on console or PC, just hold down and take flight. When you are floating through the air, you’ll consume jet fuel at a reasonable rate. A full tank of gas will keep you in the air consistently for around a minute. Once a jetpack has lost all of its fuel, it becomes useless and it’s time for you to find a new one.

Other Backpacks

We’ve already seen the Eye of The Storm Tracker, a backpack that allowed you to see the direction the storm was heading. It was quickly removed for not being ready for showtime yet. Thanks to a data mine of the patch 4.3 code, we now know of two new backpacks hidden in the code: the Intel and Medic Backpacks. Both have a description of what they are able to do hidden in their codes.

It’s unclear if these backpacks will ever make it into the real game, though I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. Fortnite constantly needs to update its game with items, game modes and skins or its fan base will revolt. Having the most popular game can be hard work. Seven other backpack files have been found, but have no real information attached to them yet. There’s the Boost Jump Pack, Carmine Pack, Glider, Glider Pack, Missile Battery and Test Pack.

Intel Backpack

intel backpack Where's the enemy hiding? Now you know! Fortnite Insider

Description: “ Find the Eye of the Storm, and reveal nearby loot and enemies!”

My guess is that this was supposed to be the original Eye of the Storm backpack, allowing players to do much more than track directions. Adding the ability to see hidden loot is an amazing tool to help players figure out their pathing and what risks they are willing to take. I also love the ability to be able to see enemies hidden behind walls on the map. I’ve face checked too many corners and ended up dead; I know how important field awareness can be.

Medic Backpack

medic backpack I need a medic! Fortnite Insider

Description: “Carry your allies to victory with this advanced life saving equipment!”

Who doesn’t love a clutch medpack or bandage from a teammate after a hard-won fight? Being able to wield a medpack sounds like a dream for a support main like myself. In past multiplayer games I was always the healer supplying backline help. If I can transfer those skills to the battle royale, I might actually become a useful player. All I want to be is a walking campfire, healing allies who do all the hard work themselves.

What backpacks do you want to see added to Fortnite?

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