Fortnite Battle Royale Update Will Bring Hunting Rifle Instead Of Jetpack

Fortnite Battle Royale won't be getting a Jetpack as previously reported. According to a recent reddit post from Epic Games community management staff, the high-flying accessory will be replaced by a Hunting Rifle for the time being.

"This week's new item is being changed from the Jetpack to the Hunting Rifle," the message reads. "We found a last-minute design issue with the Jetpack that's going to delay its launch and we're working on correcting it."

While an in-game teaser has not been posted, the reddit post says the upcoming rifle update add lots of no-scopes and a brand-new point of interest called Lucky Landing to the Battle Royale map. On Tuesday, gaming outlets reported the addition of a Jetpack to Battle Royale, but, due to the unpredictable nature of early access development, those plans have changed. We'll likely learn more about the Hunting Rifle once the update 3.1.0 patch notes release over the next few days or hours.

We don't know much about the 3.1.0 update beyond what's been teased in the latest Save The World development pipeline. When that went live in mid-February, the patch was expected to include the first phase of the highly anticipated stamina rework, tweaks to the campaign quest map, a new Spring It On questline, more event store items, new enemies and a Legendary Melee Defender. We imagine some or all of those features will make the final cut once 3.1.0 goes live.

Fortnite Jetpack news
The Fortnite 3.1.0 update was originally supposed to include a Jetpack. Epic Games

While the Hunting Rifle isn't quite as game-changing as a Jetpack might be, the introduction of a new weapon to the Battle Royale arsenal showcases Epic's continued commitment to keeping Fortnite fresh in the face of development delays. While paid Save The World customers are often left wanting more communication from the team, there's no denying that the swarms of free Battle Royale enthusiasts have been treated quite nicely. Server issues remain an intermittent problem as Fortnite's popularity grows, but those issues will hopefully be sorted out by the time the game reaches a retail state of completion later this year.

Given the onslaught of new features in Fortnite's 3.0.0 patch last week, it seemed Epic might scale back its ambitions for the end of February. If the Hunting Rifle isn't your style, at least you've still got plenty of Battle Pass milestones to meet while you wait for the Jetpack. There's also a Solid Gold limited-time mode happening now for those who don't mind teaming up. As its name suggests, the mode features all Legendary weapons.

Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One and PC. More information on the Hunting Rifle update is expected to come very soon.

Are you sad the Jetpack has been delayed? Will a Hunting Rifle make Fortnite better? Tell us in the comments section!