'Fortnite' Chapter 2' Season 3 Battle Pass Skins to Tier 100: Jules, Kit & More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 begins with the launch of a brand-new Battle Pass. While players need to buy the pass to see the rewards in their entirety, we've spent the V-Bucks for you so you can catch a true glimpse of all the new skins. Want to know what you can get once you reach tier 100? You've come to the right place.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Battle Pass Skins

Ocean [Tier 1]: "The fight's not over till I say so." Essentially this is a cool Marauder skin.

fortnite ocean
'Fortnite' Season 3 begins with a new Battle Pass. This is the tier 1 Ocean skin. 'Fortnite' is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Epic Games

Fade [Tier 1]: "Far from home, the journey must continue." This is perhaps the most customizable skin of Season 3, with two alternate styles seen later on in the Battle Pass.

fortnite fade
The tier 1 Fade skin Epic Games

Scuba Jonesy [Tier 20]: "Jonesy of the deep!" Because a Fortnite Battle Pass wouldn't be complete without a new Jonesy alternative.

fortnite scuba jonesy
The tier 20 Scuba Jonesy skin Epic Games

Jules [Tier 40]: "Engineering perfection with a mysterious twist." This is listed as a reactive skin, which means you get a cool animation the better you perform.

fortnite jules
The tier 40 Jules skin Epic Games

Kit [Tier 80]: "Proudly following in his father's footsteps." We assume his father is Meowscles from Season 2, and fans of the giant cat couldn't be happier.

fortnite kit
The tier 80 Kit skin Epic Games

Siona [Tier 80]: "A wanderer in a lost world."

fortnite siona
The tier 80 Siona skin Epic Games

Eternal Knight [Tier 100]: "Honor shines eternal." It's listed as Enlightened, which tells us there may be a dark variant of this skin too. We saw something similar with Shadow and Ghost last season.

fortnite eternal knight
The tier 100 Eternal Knight skin Epic Games

Masked [Tier 100]: This is an extra style for Fade, and it looks awesome.

fortnite masked
The Masked Fade variant at tier 100 Epic Games

Voyager [Tier 80]: This is also for Fade, and it's available a little earlier in the Battle Pass.

fortnite voyager
The Voyager Fade variant at tier 80 Epic Games

There are, of course, dozens of other rewards within the Season 3 Battle Pass beyond skins, and these include Gliders, Emotes, Pickaxes and more. For a full recap of every individual reward beyond the central characters, check out this clip from EveryDay FortNite on YouTube.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. The Battle Pass is available as a standalone for 950 V-Bucks or in a bundle for 2,800 V-Bucks.

What do you think of the Season 3 Battle Pass based on these new skins? Will you be working your way through to tier 100? Tell us in the comments section!