'Fortnite' Comic: Galactus, Herald of Thunder & Season 3 Event Explained

Fortnite Season 4 teasers have begun with the reveal of an in-game comic detailing a plot that puts Thor and Galactus on a collision course with the Fortnite island. But, for those who know the backstory behind these two Marvel characters, there's a lot that might be revealed about the upcoming Season 3 "Hightower" live event. Below, we recap all you need to know about Galactus, the Herald of Thunder and more.

Who is Galactus?

fortnite season 4 comic galactus
'Fortnite' Season 4 teasers focus on a feud between Galactus and Thor. Is this a hint at the Season 3 live event? 'Fortnite' is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Epic Games/Marvel

Galactus has been a part of the Marvel comic book universe since first appearing in Fantastic 4 #48 in March of 1966. His story, however, goes back much further than that, to a universe that existed prior to the Big Bang that made the universe we know. As a space explorer named Galan, he merges with the sentience of his dying universe to gain cosmic abilities. That strength, however, comes at the cost of constantly having to devour planets to stay alive.

What's a Herald, and why is Thor the Herald of Thunder?

fortnite season 4 comic herald of thunder
Thor becomes the Herald of Thunder to control Galactus. Epic Games/Marvel

Considering his need to devour planets in perpetuity, it's no surprise that Galactus establishes himself as a villain for quite some time. But, in order to control his urges, sometimes Galactus forms a bond with a hero to make them his Herald. In simple terms, a benevolent Herald watches over Galactus to make sure he's only devouring lands with no meaningful life. In both Fortnite and the latest run of Thor comics, Thor decides to become the Herald of Thunder in an effort to destroy the Black Winter. Beyond Thor, Silver Surfer is perhaps the most prevalent Herald of Galactus.

So what comes next?

fortnite season 4 comic chase
Thor chases after Galactus as he heads through a Rift to the 'Fortnite' island. Epic Games/Marvel

Thor teaming up with Galactus to confront the Black Winter bears a strong resemblance to the current run of Thor comics, which means fans can use those comics to get some idea of how this unlikely partnership might play out. These details may be considered SPOILERS for those who'd rather go in dark.

fortnite season 4 comic galactus 2
Is Galactus the greatest threat 'Fortnite' has ever seen? Epic Games/Marvel

As it turns out, Galactus is not acting on his own behalf but is instead a Herald of the Black Winter. The Black Winter is, in fact, the force that destroyed Galactus' universe in the first place. Knowing he's been double-crossed,Thor, the Herald of Thunder, sucks Galactus of all his power and uses his disembodied husk as a bomb to destroy the Black Winter once and for all.

Given how closely the Fortnite narrative mirrors the one found in the Marvel comics, it seems likely that some version of this confrontation might pertain to the Season 3 live event. The in-game comic shows us that Galactus becomes attracted to the Rift above the Fortnite island, and this unexpected detour may secretly be at the behest of the Black Winter. At the very last moment, it's possible Herald of Thunder Thor may arrive to save Fortnite as we know it.

What live event leaks tell us

While Epic has kept the Season 3 Hightower live event mostly underwraps, prominent leakers have revealed a few files related to it.

Chief among them are these six craters that appear to have some kind of Bifrost pattern on them. That symbol, of course, has ties to Thor in the Avengers films, so maybe these spots appear as Thor mounts his defense against Galactus.

Then, of course, we have a bunch of audio files that don't really reveal much.

But, when that data is run through a spectrogram, we see this image that looks like a group of characters standing together. Might this be a sign that the Avengers will come to help Thor? Is this a sneak peek at the Season 4 Battle Pass skins? Are these skins we already know? That much has yet to be confirmed.

In fact, despite knowing that Season 4 is set to begin August 27, we don't even know when the Season 3 live event is set to take place. Unfortunately, we'll probably have to wait for more comic chapters to be released to figure that out.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

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