'Fortnite' Content Update 10.10 Adds Junk Rift & Glitched Consumables - Patch Notes

Fortnite Content Update 10.10 is officially live, and we have the patch notes to prove it. The server-side update adds the Junk Rift item and brings glitched consumables to Battle Royale. Read the full patch notes here courtesy of an Epic Games blog post.

Fortnite Content Update 10.10 Patch Notes

Battle Royale

fortnite junk rift
'Fortnite' Content Update 10.10 brings the Junk Rift to Battle Royale. Drop one for major area-of-effect damage. 'Fortnite' is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Epic Games

Weapons + Items

  • Junk Rift
    • A throwable item that breaks on contact and spawns a large object in the sky that plummets to the ground.
      • The plummeting object:
        • Damages players and destroys everything in its path.
        • Creates a small shockwave upon landing that damages players and destroys everything in its radius.
      • Damage:
        • Direct hit: 200
          • Direct hits slightly knock players back.
        • Shockwave hit: 100
        • Both hits immediately destroy vehicles and destructible objects on impact.
    • Drops in stacks of two.
    • Max stack size: four
    • Epic Rarity.
    • Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops and Llamas.
  • Glitched Consumables
    • Glitched Consumables are at the explosion site. These randomly switch between different forageable items from the past.
      • Apples
        • Grant five Health.
      • Mushrooms
        • Grant five Shield.
      • Coconuts
        • Grant five Effective Health (sum of a player's Health + Shield).
      • Peppers
        • Increases player movement speed for a short duration.
      • Hop Rocks
        • Decreases player gravity for a short duration.
      • Shadow Stone
        • Turns players into a ghost for a short time, temporarily increasing their movement speed slightly and letting them dash through structures.


  • The map has changed! The Rift Beacon at the Rec Center malfunctioned, causing an explosion that left a giant crater and created the Glitched Consumables.
    • Glitched Consumables can only be found at the crater.

Art + Animation

  • The Green Toy Wrap has been updated.
    • Because of this, owners of the Toy Soldiers Wraps bundle have been given the option to refund the bundle without the use of a Refund Token.
      • NOTE: Players have 30 days from their next login to redeem this refund.


Prefabs & Galleries

  • Added five New Prefabs
    • Dusty Depot Blue Warehouse
    • Dusty Depot Gray Warehouse
    • Dusty Depot Red Warehouse
    • Dusty Depot Visitor Warehouse
    • Dusty Diner
  • Added two New Galleries
    • Dusty Depot & Diner Gallery
    • Dusty Depot & Diner Prop Gallery

Save the World


Bug Fixes

  • Mission details now correctly update when switching between different Missions with a controller.
  • Resolved an issue where objective information was not displayed for the current Mission.
  • Added some information that was missing from the Command and Armory tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where the map was not loading properly after changing tabs.
  • Game no longer crashes when launching a Mission through the "Play Now" button in the quest log.
  • The Record Dash quest no longer states to find five records instead of four when in a full party.

Weapons + Items

  • The V6 Launcher explodes into the Weekly Store!
    • Shoots small, fast rockets. Launches up to six rockets before needing to reload. Does not consume ammo, but has very low durability.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from Wednesday, August 21 at 8 p.m. EDT, until Wednesday, August 28 at 8 p.m. EDT.

The Junk Rift was first revealed via Fortnite's in-game newsfeed Monday afternoon. True to its name, the throwable item drops a huge clump of junk in the area it is thrown. Some fans originally assumed its impact would be much more like a smoke grenade, but this addition is far more based on area-of-effect damage than anything else. While this new item likely won't totally overhaul the Battle Royale meta as it exists today, it's certainly a neat addition to the game at large.

As for the ever-evolving map of Fortnite Season 10, this week's new location is an explosion site full of glitched consumables. The mysterious point of interest was preceded by Dusty Depot, Tilted Town and Retail Row earlier this month. It's a bit disappointing that these broken items don't offer new abilities for players, but the fact that they randomly switch buffs is an interesting concept. Depending on the changing needs of a given Battle Royale match, a glitched consumable can either be a saving grace or your worst nightmare. Leaks had suggested glitched consumables would be coming to the game, but now fans can finally see how they function.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. The 10.10 Content Update is live now.

What are your thoughts on the Junk Rift and coming to Battle Royale? Are there any surprises in the patch notes? Tell us in the comments section!