'Fortnite' 4.3 Datamined Skins: Robbers, Basketball Stars and Villains

Data miners have found six new Fortnite skins hidden in the code for update 4.3. The greatest battle royale leak account on Twitter, two Epic Buddies, is back at it again.It released the models for the skins as well as themed back blings, gliders and pickaxes.

There's a pair of basketball players, just in time for the NBA finals. It might not be the Lebron James skin fans wanted, but it's a solid non-copyright infringing compromise. Interestingly enough, they are the first skins in Fortnite to wear shorts. (Did Epic Games have to model knee caps and legs for the skins to work or have they always been hidden under all that armor? Just some of the normal stuff I think about.) If you've ever wanted to slam dunk on an enemy with an actual basketball net, the new hoop pickaxe is exactly what you need.

The two burglars look like they'd hang out with the Hamburglar and talk about failed schemes, when they aren't jumping from the Battle Bus. The traditional black and white pinstripe pattern is a classic bad guy motif and a welcome addition to the battle royale. The skins look to be heavily inspired by a submission on the game's subreddit by user RexSadio. It's great to see Epic games honor the community with skins they've created, even though a bit of recognition to the original would be appreciated. If Epic were to admit that they took inspiration from a redditor's skin, they'd have to pay them royalties which is something they'd choose to avoid. The backbling is a safe or chest of tools and the glider is a painting.

The superhero of the bunch is a female version of the Venturion skin released a few weeks ago. Because every hero needs an archvillain, the data mine also revealed a brand new bad guy. Though we know nothing about him, this cross between Vision from The Avengers and a venus fly trap is a sight to behold. I've never really been much for obsessing over skins before we know much about them, but plant clown might be the exception. I can already picture myself riding around in the new shopping carts, blasting enemies while my mohawk of spikes flutters in the wind. There's also a venus fly trap glider and pick axe to complete the plant theme.

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