'Fortnite' At E3: 5 Celebrities For Your Battle Royale

To celebrate Fortnite becoming the biggest game in the world, Epic Games is hosting a Party Royale at E3. Inviting 50 top-tier celebrities and streamers, the extravaganza will pull talent from all over pop culture. Superstars like Drake and Travis Scott play (and aren't too bad), imagine what other celebs could be hiding their Fortnite Battle Royale skills. Here are just a few of the celebrities and streamers we expect could be battling it out on stage. This is all extreme speculation, but that's what makes it fun.

Post Malone

The grungy yet lovable rap superstar is a known proponent of video games. He's streamed the OTHER insanely popular battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and is an avid Steam fanboy. He has mentioned on Twitter he believes his beloved PUBG to be the better game, but that wouldn't stop him pulling up into some Fortnite (especially if an appearance fee is involved.) On top of that, Bud Light is a sponsor of the E3 event and PM loves his beer in a blue aluminum can.


EDM superstar and beat machine Diplo has been posting about his love for Fortnite on Twitter a lot recently. Though it's unclear how proficient he actually is at the game, there's no way he should miss out on being part of the E3 madness. Like Post, we've seen the man play a good share of PUB G, but like everyone else in the world, he's started jumping on that Fortnite bandwagon. If he could bring along his DJ friend Deadmau5, then it would be a real banger.

Dr Disrespect

In my eyes, the doc is a bona fide celebrity. Dr Disrespect was one of the hypest members of the H1Z1 invitational at TwitchCon 2017, the first battle royale LAN of its kind. Throw in a dash of moustache and a pinch of fake mullet and any event can be a superstars galla.


If this week has taught us anything, it's that people really like watching Drake play Fortnite . If the "Hotline Bling" singer showed up, popped into the top 10 and managed to get a headshot on anyone, he'd dominate the news cycle. Just having him show up on Twitch, mumble a few words with Ninja and play a game was enough to make every news outlet notice Twitch existed. For the rest of us that already knew how big it was, welcome to the club.

Snoop Dogg

This is the longest shot here, but Snoop is a known gamer. At the Battlefield 1 event, he famously smoked a blunt right on stage next to Zac Efron. I long for a repeat of that gaming phenomenon formerly known as Snoop Lion, and this is the best way to get it. Epic, I know you have advertisers that worry but just keep a fire extinguisher next to the rap god at all times and you should be fine.

Who do you want to see at Epic's E3 Celebrity Royale? Tell us in the comments.

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