'Fortnite' E3 Predictions: Android Release, Vehicles and (Maybe) Season 5

E3 is just a few weeks away, which means the internet is ablaze with speculation. Will the new Spider-Man game be any good? Will every game company try to release a battle royale? Most important of all, what cool stuff is Epic Games going to announce for Fortnite?

We know Epic Games is going to have a massive booth at the gaming convention and will potentially be releasing information about their esport plans and the $100 million prize pool announced earlier this week. From June 12 to 14, fans on the floor will be able to earn prizes by playing at their booth. There's also a "Celebrity Pro-Am" tournament pitting streamers against traditional celebrities with a $3 million prize pool will certainly catch everyone's attention. There's also going to be a "Party Royale" where the most exclusive influencers will get to hang with lucky fans who won a ticket.

Though it's entirely speculation, I do believe that Epic Games is going to announce something big. Here are my best guesses.

fortnite android
Fortnite on iOS looks like this (when you are good) Epic Games

Android Fortnite

Fortnite on Android devices might be happening sooner than you think. In a "State Of Mobile" blog post on the Epic Games website, the game studio announced that they are aiming for a summer release for mobile devices that aren't iOS. " We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you'll hear it from us first," the post said. The blog post also details how the game is improving on iPhone, with better mobility controls, a customizable HUD and voice chat coming sometime in the near future.

E3 would be the perfect time to announce this hyped feature. In the meantime, be wary of anything claiming that you can play Fortnite on your Android device. There will be plenty of unscrupulous internet denizens who will share an APK file which is actually just a malicious attempt to steal personal information. Until Epic Games announces an official Android Fortnite app, don't download anything out of the ordinary. I know the thought of free V-bucks can be tempting, but nothing in life is free. If you destroyed your phone in an attempt to play a game before your friends, you'd just look like the silly one.

The battle royale has been a massive success on mobile after leaving beta on iPhone and iPad in early April. The app has already been downloaded 40 million times and shows no signs of slowing down. Once the game finally releases on Android, the rest of us without Apple addictions will finally be able to play the addictive battle royale on the go. I've never been a fan of mobile controls for a third-person shooter, but Fortnite might be the first game I'm willing to invest enough time in to get good. PUBG Mobile was fun for a few hours, but after I realized I was just fighting bots on my own, the appeal wore off quickly.

fortnite e3
Fortnite at E3 will rock your world Epic Games

Esports and Competitive Play

"Battle Royale esports" is the term that keeps me up at night. I see a future where everyone is plugged into their VR headsets, jumping out of the Battle Bus for a chance to earn some V-Bucks, which have now become the only valid currency. We have quite a few years until things get that droll, but I believe Epic Games is going to start this journey at E3. With the $100 million announcement and a desire to turn their game into a living brand, esports is a must.

We already know people love watching people play Fortnite , just look at the 8.4 million hours people spent last week watching Ninja on Twitch. Combine that with the seven million unique viewers from keemstar's weekly "Friday Fortnite" tournament and it's obvious the fan base is already there. Epic Games is going to announce a ranked ladder with a straightforward path to pro sometime in the next few months and E3 would be a perfect time to capitalize on that exposure.


Data miners digging around Fortnite's code have found references to "vehicles." A working shopping cart might not be as awesome as a car, but it would still be a welcome addition. The game's map is small enough where foot traffic is still the simplest way to get around, but things could change. Imagine pushing players around in a rocket-powered shopping cart, getting kills while collecting groceries. I'd be shocked if Epic Games didn't announce something with these carts at E3. The perfect place for them to reveal the idea to the public would be at a grand tournament with an audience already gathered.

Season 5

We aren't even halfway done with Season 4 and all I can think about is what's coming next. The meteor knocked the map into a superhero wonderland, complete with mega missiles and secret bases. Some have speculated that the fifth season could have something to do with the meteor, but to what extent is entirely unclear.

If Epic Games is as smart as they seem, they'll release something to fans about Season 5 at E3. It could just be as simple as a teaser or a tweet, something to get the hype beasts on reddit riled up.

What do you want to see at Fortnite's E3 booth? Tell us in a haiku in the comments.