'Fortnite' Rune Event: Can Loot Lake Open Up Today?

Earlier this week, a giant metal plate popped up in the middle of Fortnite's Loot Lake. Data miners were puzzled by the object, unsure of what could be lying underneath. It seems like the object might open, potentially revealing a laser, flying saucer or some sort of cataclysmic event. We might be finding out as soon as today what lies underneath Loot Lake.

Fortnite Rune Event

A giant floating rune has appeared in Fortnite, though it's unclear what its mission is. For every 100 million damage done south of its location (measured across all servers) the rune moves just a bit. Players that are on top of the device get punted across the map whenever the device moves. Judging by its trajectory It looks like the rune is heading to Loot Lake though it's still unclear why.

Fans online have plenty of theories about what this rune could mean for Fortnite. Yesterday, a similar symbol appeared briefly in the middle of the Loot Lake metal disc, though it was quickly removed. My guess is that the rune is some sort of key that activates the metal device sitting under Loot Lake, potentially releasing some map-altering calamity. Maybe it's a giant kraken or alien UFO that players can work together to defeat. Or, it could be the metal laser that data miners found in the code.

Judging by the runes' current speed, it looks like it could reach Loot Lake by the end of the day. Many online feel that their will be multiple runes heading to the dig site at the former watering hole, climaxing in a massive Season 8-defining event.

What do you hope will happen at Loot Lake? Tell us in the comments.

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