'Fortnite' Find the Golden Egg Guide & Walkthrough - All Locations Revealed

Fortnite Creative is featuring a new map by Weck called Find the Golden Egg. If you're struggling to locate one of the map's six main eggs, we'll show you exactly where you need to shoot to get to the next step. Some of these areas may be hard to see, but we'll at least point you in the right direction.

How to Play Find the Golden Egg

Before getting to the proper guide, let's briefly explain how to access Find the Golden Egg in the first place. The easiest method is to select Fortnite Creative from the main menu and choose the option to Create. You'll be brought to the latest Creative hub, which always features several Rifts in front of your character. Approach the console next to one of the Rifts, and press the designated button to interact with it.

fortnite find the golden egg code
'Fortnite's Find the Golden Egg is a cool Creative map. Use this code to access it. 'Fortnite' is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android. Epic Games

When you do, enter the numeric code shown above: 9446-8648-1927. Wait a few seconds, and the Rift will transform. Enter it, and you'll start the Find the Golden Egg game.

Find the Golden Egg Walkthrough

After waiting about a minute for the lobby to fill, you can start looking for Golden Eggs. There are six main eggs total, with one found in six different dioramas. All you've got to do is equip your pistol and shoot the egg in each one. In most cases the Golden Egg is extremely hard to see, but just point your crosshairs in the same area as our images, and you should have no problem moving forward.

Test Egg: The first Golden Egg isn't really a challenge. Just shoot the massive egg directly in front of you so you can get a solid look at the object you're hunting for.

fortnite find the golden egg location test
Shoot the test egg directly in front of you. Epic Games

Egg 1: The first Golden Egg is in the far left corner of the barn, which means you'll need to pull your character off to the right to expose that area.

fortnite find the golden egg location 1
Shoot the egg in the top-left corner of the barn. Epic Games

Egg 2: Aim slightly above the rock next to this cactus, and you should see a notification that proves you've found the Golden Egg. The egg is technically tucked behind the rock itself, so try to aim a little high.

fortnite find the golden egg location 2
The third Golden Egg is just above this rock. Epic Games

Egg 3: On the left side of the diorama you'll see two little tents. The golden egg is tucked in the bottom-right corner of the one on the right.

fortnite find the golden egg location 3
The fourth egg is in the bottom-right corner of the rightmost tent. Epic Games

Egg 4: This egg is probably the most devious of them all, so pay close attention to where our character is situated in the screenshot below. There are several different holes peering into the tomato restaurant, but you want to shoot into the one on the right that's more like an oblong window shape as opposed to a vertical slit.

fortnite find the golden egg location 4
The fourth Golden Egg is probably the most difficult of the bunch. Epic Games

Align yourself at a left angle so your revolver is pointed just above the right headlight of the car trunk. It may be tough to see, but you might catch a glint of golden brown in the corner of the window. If not, just shoot wildly in his vicinity till you see a notification.

Egg 5: If you approach the diorama from a left angle, you'll see this little lamp tucked in a cave. Shoot right above or near it to hit the Golden Egg.

fortnite find the golden egg location 5
Shoot just above this lamp to get the fifth Golden Egg. Epic Games

Egg 6: The final Golden Egg is pretty cheap because it's technically not visible at all. It's in this bush behind the haystack on the right side of the diorama.

fortnite find the golden egg location 6
The last Golden Egg is inside this bush. Epic Games

Shoot this last egg, and you can enjoy a neat little fireworks display courtesy of Weck. That's all you need to know about the Find the Golden Egg Fortnite Creative map.

fortnite find the golden egg win
Enjoy this little fireworks display for your egg-hunting efforts. Epic Games

Were you able to find all six Golden Eggs? What's your favorite Fornite Creative map so far? Tell us in the comments section!

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