‘Fortnite’ Week 6 Free Tier Location & Blockbuster Challenge Loading Screen

Week six of Fortnite’s fourth season has begun, giving players access to new challenges and rewards. You’ll have to buy Season 4’s Battle Pass before you get access to this content, but it’s totally worth it. For completing all seven challenges in one week, a secret Blockbuster tier can be found on the game’s map. If you collect every week’s hidden Blockbuster tier, you’ll unlock a special skin that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Here are the Weekly Challenges of week 6 in Fortnite.

Epic Games has been doing something interesting with these rewards; hiding where the stars would be in the loading screens earned for completing challenges. If you’re having trouble figuring out where the Blockbuster hidden tier is, we’ve got you covered.

week 6 season 4 blockbuster-challenge icon location The loading screen for week 6 Epic Games

Week 6 Blockbuster Challenge Location

The picture showing a movie set gone awry shows the star chilling on top of a red food truck. Reddit user AndrewZ7 was the first to discover its location in the heart of Greasy Grove.

andrewz7 blockbuster-lcoation AndrewZ7 with the clutch save reddit

Thanks to the data miners Two Epic Buddies, we’ve known about this challenge location for a few days. It’s unfortunate that fans no longer find out the day of, but not everyone appreciates a surprise.

Have you completed all the Battle tiers and unlocked this week’s Blockbuster challenge? Tell us in the comments.

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