'Fortnite' Gorger Locations & How to Destroy Quick Challenge Guide

Fortnite fans may be confused by a newly emerged Quick Challenge that says "destroy a Gorger." Given that the game never fully explains what a Gorger is or how to find one, the task itself can seem pretty obtuse at first blush. In this guide we'll explain what a Gorger is and the easiest ways to locate one on the Battle Royale map.

What is a Gorger in Fortnite?

Starting with the release ofupdate 14.10 on September 10, Fortnite introduced a new set of Galactus Drones that count as a Mythic Boss on the Battle Royale map. These drones are called Gorgers, and they look like this.

fortnite gorger
'Fortnite' challenges ask players o destroy a Gorger. This is what a Gorger looks like. 'Fortnite' is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android. Epic Games

As far as Fortnite bosses are concerned, Gorgers are probably the toughest ones we've seen yet, so you don't want to approach them haphazardly like we did to get this screenshot. They'll evaporate you with a single laser blast, so it's best to go into battle with a Gorger as prepared as you can possibly be. Given how powerful the Gorger is, it doesn't spawn very frequently and often waits till the midpoint of matches to appear. With that in mind, it can be difficult to find Gorgers even when you've got a sound strategy to locate one. In our tests, we never encountered a Gorger in two matches in a row.

How to locate and destroy a Gorger

The hallmark of the Gorger is a thin red beam that it shoots from its top. This may be difficult to see depending on color blindness and even the color settings on your TV, but you're looking for a thin, laser-like red light that shoots up into the sky. Unless you just so happen to be very close to it, it's difficult to spot.

We have a couple different methods you can use to make the prospect of finding a Gorger slightly less frustrating. Our favorite tactic is to drop from the Battle Bus as soon as you're able and hover there for as long as you can. This allows you to get a great vantage point of the Island while also waiting for the later parts of the match when Gorgers tend to spawn. Just hop from the Battle Bus, immediately deploy your Glider and sit there till you see the beam. Limit your movement as much as possible to slow down gravity, and carefully wait till the beam appears.

fortnite gorger hover
Hover in the air till you see the red beam that signifies a Gorger. Epic Games

Alternately you can also locate a Choppa and fly around the entire map till you see what you're looking for. This method is a lot more difficult, though, as it requires getting a vehicle that can be challenging to commandeer. Unless you're a fairly skilled player, stick to the hover method.

Once you think you've found a beam, the next step is to get close to it without alerting the Gorger. Take time to gather the best loot you can and then strike. Once you approach, its main attack is to put its laser beam on you and then charge up a blast that instantly kills. This weapon is very easily telegraphed, so all you have to do is keep jumping and moving while hitting the Gorger with your top-tier gun.

To do the most damage, watch for the little drones it spawns during the battle and take them down first. You can then pick them up as your primary and truly start shooting with authority. Aim at the Gorger's eye, and keep going to town till it's destroyed.

The Gorger is equally difficult to find and hard to destroy, which makes this challenge more obtuse than some fans might be used to. Regardless, that's all you need to know about Gorgers in Fortnite.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

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